Monday, November 20, 2006

Some days you are the cat...some days the mouse

My cat loves to trade....OK....maybe he just likes to watch the mouse run around the screens but today was crap......the spread was crap, the internals were crap, fib levels were worthless as the market went to sleep with the last day of the month.
SO Brutus waited........paws crossed and he waited......

I was bored and everytime I went to read an email, I catch him reading them also or was he looking for a trade setup.......????

Then around 11:30 he decided to watch TV and started working the remote noon time I was out of the office on my way for lunch, Brutus decided to take a nap on the chair....both good choices.

Because some days you are the CAT, so days you are the MOUSE, but no one wants to be a piece of CHEESE.....

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