Monday, June 02, 2008

Online Workshop Day #3

I really want to personally thank everyone that joined this workshop, both those who came to the mountain and those who viewed it online. Next time, we will have a better video feed by replacing the webcams with digital cameras and so we learn.

The fellow that owns the Black Bear Jamboree along with other theaters in the area comped everyone that wanted to go to the Comedy Barn for a show last night, today there were those Comedy Barn T-shirts all over the place.... :)

A fellow even wore a T-shirt from the Final Four Women's Basketball Championship games in Tampa this year.......I was impressed.....:)

Then several fellows wanted a picture taken with me...I should have known sometime was up because they were all Gator Fans. As I walked away I turned back to give them a smart reply to a joke when I saw they had hung a Gator Flag over the second floor deck......:)

Folks sent flowers to my wife and daughter to say thank you for hosting the workshop and also for a great event overall, the dinner, band and Logan who sang for them. Scooter, Thumper and Boomer who kept them entertained the whole three days......:)

The American Eagle Foudation bought over several birds so everyone could see how they work with the birds including a balded eagle........:)

Homemade peach cobbler and banana puddin was enjoyed by everyone, along with iced tea and pizza.

One of the funniest things was as I started the day, I had a KKD donut in my hands that I took a bite out of, I sat it down on the stool and as I said, "You know this is the first time I have had one of these donuts this year," my golden named Scooter came over to the stool, put a leg up on the foot part of the stool, leaned in and took the rest of the donut......the people in the first two rows laughed...alot...:)

The Mountain Hope Clinic has sent an email saying that they received $19,445.00 from both the attendees and the onliners......WOW.

I hope and pray that you found a nugget....just one nugget in your journey that will help you in your trading or even in the bigger picture your life.......maybe not the holy grail, just a nugget that can give you an edge. Today, I shut the mic off for a few minutes so I could talk to those who traveled so far..........about PURPOSE. In the coming weeks I hope to also put that in print.......what was said, not in the raw form, but I can only hope in a well written form that can speak to you about PURPOSE.

Again thank you for all the love and support you have shown not only my wife during her difficult time, but my family guys are the best friend I could have.



JamieFL said...

Dennis, thanks again for the workshop and accomodating those of us that couldnt attend with the webinar :), I learned alot, and cant wait for the recorded version to review what I missed.

MarkB said...


Thanks very much for allowing me to be a part of the workshop. I know it was a great experience for all who were involved, and it was great to see old friends and new faces too! The picture gallery will be up soon and I'll provide you with the link ASAP. I know there are some good shots in there!


Brian said...

Its 7:12pm on Tuesday evening and have just arrived back from the workshop. I have still not come down from that beautiful view from my hotel window of Mounte le Conte and the 3 day workshop hosted by Dennis and his family in the Smokey Mountains. What a great experience that I will not forget. Many thanks also to Mark RMK and RG for providing charts and tech support. What a great job.