Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The workshop in the mountains.....what does a red bar mean???

Well, it was Saturday morning when we started talking about trading, the conference tables were to be 18 inches wide, but ended up being 30 inches. Now 12 inches doesn't mean much unless you need 6 rows and end up with only 5 rows of tables. So needless to say we were close during this three day adventure into the wacky world of trading. I had made a wall 12 feet high and 24 feet wide out of drywall so I could walk back and forth without having to fall over the projection screens like in Denver 2005. Which worked out nicely since the group had moved about 3 feet closer then I was planning.

During a break, everyone got the chance to tour the house, but the first thing you had to do was hike up the stairs......

After the workshop on Saturday, we had a cookout for the gang, ribs and beans with cornbread was the order of the day. A couple friends of mine came over and played some good ole mountain music. The bar was open upstairs and several enjoyed draft beer and some good ole German beer that was for Oktoberfest....:) The party lasted until about 9pm.

The Amercian Eagle Foundation brought over some of it's bird that they are taking care of. These birds at one time had been injured and couldn't take care of themselves. A balled eagle was also here and will have pics of him as soon as I can find the transfer cable...:)

Well, as you can see I was on the phone while we were trading on Monday...the reason was that coach Fulmer called and asked if I would like to join him for breakfast on Saturday before the game. The reason was, the University wanted to give me a pin in honor of me be coming a member of the Victor Society. Of course, I said.....YEA BABY.

The workshop went as planned except for an opening marcos BSski from TS, but we got it straighten out and traded the rest of the day...simple as that.


Anonymous said...

Hey I can see the back of my head in some of those pics..... lol


Michael - pnfguy said...


When will you do another workshop?

Sport said...

April 2008