Friday, December 21, 2007 WARNING WARNING!!!!!!!

Well, I know first hand the tricks that the brown shirt in the, LLC do to anyone that does not tow the line or even question what they do. In 2003 during the second Woodies CCI Conference in Vegas, I noticed a few things that didn't add up, and then after the first Trade-a-Long in Chicago when Hoot gave Woodie all the cash from the 72 attendees and he said, "Well, this is going to work out better then I thought", that was it for me. I started to questions some of the things that were going on, but in my own private password protected chat room with my trading buddies. Within a few minutes, he would answer the question over in his room. Well, the emails flew between all of us we then decided to see if he was really reading our text. So we set him up and sure enough, he was again defending his turf........"Well, there is 10 winners in a row, see how easy that is, you don't need no stinking prices, hope everyone got all those winners...yack yack yack, yack".

Then came Gio........and after working for Woodie and doing anything he wanted....stocks.....moderating...on and on...suddenly she was gone. She had violated a rule, she wanted to do a workshop in chicago with Jean-Yus and he said NO.

Then came DrBob
....again after working for Woodie and doing anything to help others....he started to get more attention with his idea of using the length of 50 instead of 14......well when DrBob candle was shining brighter then his.....WELL!!

Then came along TW, again after working for Woodie and doing everything he could and one his own guessed it.....He blew out TW candle.

Now the latest, after a long history of tricks and deception, having people do moderatoring for "HIM", doing video presentations for "HIM", answering thousands of questions from newbies instead of "HIM", responsing to endless emails about this and that inplace of "HIM", Woodie has struck again and WHY???? There once was a whole host of things that was available that mPlay did on his own time and for FREEEEeeeeeeeeee. Now, there are no more.

Which brings us to this question, for those who are in that cult....what is in your future? Are you working for the good of the room, but at the same time afraid of stepping out of line for one second. Do you worry about someone that you made friends with and no there aren't around anymore.....WHY they aren't there anymore?

You have to know....deep in your heart, that things aren't as they seem. Traders helping Traders....a great slogan for sure, but have you ever seen Woodie or TonyUK stand up and trade live in front of ANYONE? Have you ever seen anything that would even suggest that he actually does give money to Make-a-Wish? Oh, I know there have been a whole list of people that have given with their hearts to Make-a-Wish but in honor of the, LLC or Ken Woods himself. But, where is it that "HE" gave and not the followers.....his blinded sheep.....baaa baaa......

Here is the link you should visit and read from mPlay himself about his view of all this.... and you can click on the title bar above to view the link and what has happened since we was advised to "GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE, and THANKS FOR NOTHING". "You ain't doin no class about how the CCI might not work that good", He said. But, not one word will be said in his chatroom about this latest work of BSski from Ken Wood and his brown shirts and.......WHY?????

Because none of the followers of the, LLC. have the balls to standup like a man and ask questions...that's why!!! I remember back in my college days about a poem from Pastor Martin Niemöller.......First they came for the Jews and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew. Then they came for the Communists and I did not speak out because I was not a Communist. Then they came for the trade unionists and I did not speak out because I was not a trade unionist. Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me.

To all those who follow this blog and are in the, LLC when will they come for you? When will the day come that you are out in the cold, forgotten and lonely, with no place to go? No place to hang out during the day or have fellowship with other traders it's not a matter "IF", only a matter of WHEN!!!


Anonymous said...

Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me.

I only wish i had spoken up.


Steve said...

Could you post a link to Mplays site.

Anonymous said...

This is the latest scoop in the Woodie Saga.

1. Obviously he got rid of some that get in his way like mplay and others. That is nothing new, that is reason you see new folks every few months.

2. Now he is claiming he is going to start the AutoTrading Club, claims he has 200 members ready to go with money etc. He also claimed that the AutoTrader traded the dax with real money, it has made 60k in 6 months, and made 10k latest month, with 2 contracts only. Also the methods used are all proprietary, and will not be dislosed to anybody, lest it be sold on ebay, rofl. The charge for this is $200 each for using autotrader, for the costs of the server, lmao. Now if all this is to be believed, Paying $200 to get 10k on dax, is a fantastic rate of return, would you not say. Then again, if this is true, why bother getting a bunch of lunatic cheerleaders, and answer all their dumb questions, when you can make and keep all the money yourself, lol. If it was me, $ 200 per month per person is a big headache to answer all the questions, lol.

3. He also claimed that he can trade 200 contracts on es, but only 20 contracts on er2 (this slot is already filled, no more can be accepted), he did not say how many contracts on dax. He also said most are filled, or almost filled, but Soybean, Corn, Cattle, Wheat are readily available.

4. Of course they are working out some of the bugs, but the Equity curve for the dax was posted, which as he claimed was real.

5 .He is now advertising DVD of the CCI for $ 895, and has claimed he has already sold 35k of DVD's which has paid of the expenses for DVD production, and any further sales will all be sent to charity.

6. He also said he will be trading the AutoTrader as LLC for charity, to be paid to a charity of his choice.

7. He said that all this stuff is revolutionary, and such is not available anywhere else in the world, in that, it does everything for you. (The Woodies Trade Navigator that is, also at $150 per month, platinum edition, from PFG.)

9. He also came to the Advanced Trading Room, just before the Vegas TAL, and threatened to shut it down, as nobody was coming to the TAL to support the Club. Apparently that immediately set to rest to many, the theory that everything was free, apparently it was not.

10. He said that he cannot be sued, if he is not getting anything. Apparently everything goes to charity.

11. Obviously, Range bars (introduced at Vegas TAL) is the latest thing being promoted, which he now claims everyday 18 out of 19 winners each and every day. Of course this is nothing new, just before every TAL, he comes up with a new pattern, of course they are the latest and greatest.

If everything goes to charity, wonder how he makes any money to pay even his personal bills ? Nothing adds up here. What do you think ?

Anonymous said...

It's in the text...

Wil said...

"Why??" you ask?

Because at first Woodie attracts those seeking community and possessing charity, but what he KEEPS are the uninformed, the desperate, and the lazy who will continue to blindly follow without the effort of critical thought.

And from that group which stays with him, he draws his benefits. Not direct fees, but benefits.

And benefit he does - or why continue in the manner that he has? To challenge the structure of what he has created is to threaten those benefits.

That is "why". (imo)

P.S. if you have a chatroom I would be interested in listening/learning.

Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog for some weeks now, and started to feel uneasy after going to a TAL in Vegas. The food was good, met some interesting traders, but nothing new was presented (except range bars, and they're not new!).

Here's what bothered me...

Removing content (video clips of setups, for eg.) from the WCCI web site, and being told that it's now on the DVD's is turning 'free' into 'paid' imho. There are sync issues on the DVD's, and it is NOT high-def as described on the conference.

A touching Candle presentation at the end of the conference would have been fitting if a big donation check was being presented to MAW (or any charity) - but at the end of conference... it was odd!

Anyway, do you have a site / email?