Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Tucker Report and his days with Ken Wood at the Woodies CCI Club

There are others who are now coming out of the "woodwork" so to speak and speaking about their experiences in the Land of Wood. Check out this link:


Some things change and some things stay the same....nice to see the phrase you can't teach an old dog a new trick still apllies at the Woodies CCI Club and Ken Wood is still doing it to just help traders........oh yea!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hello Dennis,

Just like to say thank you, for that link, just started to read, but Doug seems to have really interesting thoughts on his blog.

Some of your and his work, seems to fit to the things I'm currently working on. (Means, after more than one year, I see my setup, but still haven't defined my rule set, so I'm not trading it yet.)

Anyway, when I first looked at futures, I found W. (via CBOT).
I was fascinated by the idea, that it might be so easy. Just the CCI and some unknown specials. (I hate unkowns.)

While W.'s site helped me to learn something about money management, I had problems to follow the trades within the chat room. OK, it wasn't my intention to just follow a call.
And if you don't follow calls, why should I waste my time there, so I left.

My aim was and is to build an ATS, so I've started to implement the WCCI rules. I've learned a lot doing it, but as I said I'm still working on my setup (and the CCI isn't included anymore). I think, I don't have to say more.

Well, maybe I'm just a bad programmer.



P.S.: I've never invested any money in W.'s system for several reasons and because of personal principals.