Tuesday, October 16, 2007

So people see things as they are and ask why???

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Well, right after the workshop we started putting the finishing touches on the Oktoberfest event for the United Way. We had 7 kegs of Oktoberfest beer and 25 cases of German beer from Beck all the way up to Warsteiner and we even manage to have some Heineken chilling.

Walnut cakes and Shoo-fly pie....TastyKakes and pretzels flown in from Philly....Lebanon Bologna and Johnson Brats...Sausages grilled to perfection...Pork and kraut with mashed potatoes were all spread out over the buffet table...yep we were all set.

The German band all decked out their outfits...and girls decked out to keep the place tidy....and of course, the girls had their Heidi outfits on....yep we were all set.

Tables and chairs with blue table cloths, center pieces done in steins, beer banners and posters were all hung around, 48 Bavarian Flags and a couple of German flags were also hung around the property...yep we were all set.

The United Way volunteers were at the front door to check people in, so no one got a free ride. The auction items were placed just after you walked in so you could view them before moving downstairs......yep we were all set, it was 5:30pm.

Now it hadn't rained here for several weeks, it seems like months but it was really only a couple of weeks. The amount of rain for the year...well, we are down 13 and a half inches. But there they were.....rain clouds, dark, thick, rain clouds. It started to rain around 5:30 and just enough to make everything wet, soak the table cloths and so on. During this time, a lot of people that had paid to come just didn't.......

But those who came had a blast, the band played until 10:00pm. The cake and pies disappeared along with the brats. They danced to the chicken dance and sang songs that I thought they didn't even know. The stein auction was interesting, as we had put $5,000.00 cash in one stein along with prizes in all the other ones. Some had great prizes and some didn't but since you didn't know which one had what, well it was interesting.

So as the evening came to a close, yes we could have had more people come I guess, but the ones that did went away full of food and good beer.

During the last 6 days, with having the workshop and then the Oktoberfest we raised the following:

1. Virgil came to workshop and won the shark race...a cool $10,000.00 and gave it all back to the United Way "IF" they would do just one thing.....hang a Gator flag over my third floor deck during the Oktoberfest....well we had a lot of fun with that.

2. The attendees at the workshop wrote a total of $42,000.00 to three local charities that I support locally. The Mountain Hope Good Shepard Clinic, The Boys and Girls Club of the Smoky (Gatlinburg building fund) and the Humane Society of Seiver County.

3. The United Way had it's second biggest event ever this year during Oktoberfest and raised $32,000.00 which support all kinds of agencies locally.

4. Chip, who won the beer stein auction and the cool $5,000.00 also gave it back to the United Way, now how cool is that and you wonder why I do what I do, it's because of the great people I know.

That comes to a cool $89,000.00 but I have read some comments about some that came to the workshop might have be a little cheap. The idea, agreement or even covenant was that I would show you exactly how I trade, define the trend, triggers and how i would develop a trading plan by doing research and so on and in exchange the attendees would open their hearts and stroke a check to my favorite local charities.

Now some could stroke a check for $10,000 and not blink an eye, while others just don't have anything to spare. But the amount was between you and God, not between you and me. People came to the workshop so they could find answers that would allow them to move to the next level. In the bible, there is a story about how people would go to the temple and as they entered they would drop their offering into this steel chamber, of course, it made noise as the coins rolled around. An old women came in and placed what would be about 2 cents in todays money and seeing this Jesus came over and laid his hand on her and blessed her. The reason was that she had given all she had with a pure heart while the others gave to make a show.

So it's doesn't matter to me, what was given, I don't even what to know who gave what because again it's not between you and me. Those who came and believe that they can go home and use it effective are blinded by greed. We have had a chat room up and running since the workhshop for those who attended. Of the 74 people that came only about 52 have been in the chat room...WHY???

Well, I have to believe that they are busy comparing their stuff to my stuff and working on how to get it to take them to the next level, do you think that will work? I personally doubt it. Over the past several days, we have been fine tuning the things I talked about for three days, well except for that long I took off the low at 3:32 today without warning, but after 5 days of playing by the rules....I just had to take it when the ticks spike down on a double bottom......sorry

The people who came and gave their hard earned money (no matter what amount) to the charities I can only say .....A heart felt, THANK YOU SO MUCH, ya'll are the best.

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