Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The biggest party of the year........

Well, less then 24 hour before over 800 people will be heading for the the Oktoberfest starts.......with German music, food and lots and lots of "drink". This event has raised over $60,000.00 just in ticket sales and people who couldn't come this year have spent in their donation to the United Way. This event will feature over 7 different German beers that where brewed for Oktoberfest and 12 kegs of "other" brands.....:)

A women and men beer stein holding contest, the chicken dance are all on tap for tomorrow night, but I think the highlight will be the beer stein auction. With orginal old painting from Vern Heppenstill, Jim Gary and Robert Tino, 7 day vacation in Aruba, a cruise, and a $5,000 cash will be placed in different steins and auctioned off. Now, no one will know which stein contains what prize....when you are the winning bidder, you come up front, pick out a stein and put your name on it.
Once all the steins are gone, then there will be a 5 minute horse trading period if someone wants to switch theirs, should be interesting.

Within 3 hours of the workshop ending, the projection screens came down and things went into high gear...trying to finish everything today......OK tomorrow morning.

We are waiting for a final count on the donations made from the workshop and should have that tommorrow. Also will be sending out the indicators to attendees this weekend if you emailed me....:)

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