Thursday, October 11, 2007

The charities all say a GREAT BIG THANK YOU!!!

You can click on the letter to make it larger so you can read it.....:)

The deal was....I would put on a workshop and instead of charging a fee, I said, that all you needed to do was open your heart and write a check for what you believed would be right and just.

Here is the letter from Jane at the Humane Society, you remember Jane...she was in the presentation at the Woodies CCI Club World Universal Conference held in Las Vegas back in December of 2003. Wow, that was a long time ago...wasn't it????

Well, as time has moved forwarded we discovered that Traders helping Traders, Lighting someone elses candle doesn't take away from yours, there will be better trades down the road and of course....we donate all the money left over from the TAL to MAW has only been a smoke and mirror, dog and pony show. Jane was there as was the fellow from the Eagle Foundation, The Bear Center, Dolly Foundation and hell I even had one of the largest donors from Make-A-Wish come to Vegas and speak about her grandson and what MAW meant to her and her family.

What a waste, to have the right message only to have the wrong messenger, those who have come and seen, in person, understand completely when they visited my office and saw the mantle over the fireplace. It's of the market, of course, with the NYSE cut out in wood, a bear, a bull and chart patterns running on both sides of the NYSE. On the bottom of the mantle there a some traders waving their hands and ticker tape laying across the front of the NYSE building. In that tape is a message and it reads.......KM 5 7/8....HD 25.......BMI 34 1/2.....JNJ 53 and so on, but the first one is the important reads CCI 666.

Why you might ask, because that is the "Mark of the Beast", and the "False Prophet" among other things I could think of.....but it tells a lot. The Woodies CCI Club and Ken Wood could have been the best thing since peanut butter and chocolate found their way inside a candy wrapper, but instead he and Tony choice the dark side of things. Having Tony fly over the pond was never about just hooking up the was about talking privately "after hours", it was about being face to face and talking business at the expense of the attendees and "the kids". We all know now, that "The Kids" were never in the mix, but it does sound good...doesn't it.

Back in 2003, I got a lot of shit from the Woodies CCI Club and all thru 2004, but if you look back, I am exactly what I was back then....nothing more...and nothing less. Just a person who wanted to help others, share ideas and network with traders, I didn't sell out for a few pieces of gold, and once I figured the truth out....I WAS OUT OF THERE!!!!!!

I enjoy doing a workshop for a number of reasons, but one of them isn't to make a living, to sell books, t-shirts, coffee mugs, trade-a-longs, advanced trade-a-longs, provide a platform so other can sell their wares, click thrus, promote data providers and of course a "preferred" broker.

The people that attended the educational workshop and trade-a-long came with an open mind, watched and got some ideas to study at home after the market close, they met other traders and shared war stories, met new people so they could develop new friends, and they watched as I traded live with all the problems of trading live in front of a group of people, in unfamiliar surrounding, people asking questions, people talking and walking around, the news media was there for the upcoming Oktoberfest and phone calls. They came, they saw and there wasn't any smoke and mirrors.

I have to thank everyone that wrote a check to my favorite local charities, you showed me the value of good friends and for that I am so blessed...THANK YOU ALL!!!


Anonymous said...

Dennis first of all thank you again for the wonderful workshop and the follow up in the chat room this week. I consider the information you presented invaluable. Adj. 1. invaluable - having incalculable monetary, intellectual, or spiritual worth

I realized this before I made out my checks for your local charities. I'm in no way wealthy so I gave what I thought was a fair amount. Little did I know that on average I was in a room with a bunch of cheap bastards compared to the amount I donated.

Sorry to sound so bitter but Good Lord it's not like you were looking for donations to repair the local yacht club's docks.

If my trading continues to go half as well as I envision I plan to send you additional checks for your local charities.

I don't expect you to post this comment. I just wanted to let you know how I felt.

And thanks again.

Phil said...

I think 42 grand for the ASPCA is pretty darn good. Remember, there were three charities. If the others did as well or better I'll be very pleased.

By the way, I haven't received a receipt from the Mountain Hope Good Shepard Clinic yet. The Boys and Girls Club receipt came the next day!

Anonymous said...

Well if the previous poster is rigth and I knowing what I gave was very generous than this does suck. We really were surrounded by a bunch of cheap bastards. You should have charge 5000 each and done what you wanted with the money. I also want to thank you and your family for the wonderful workshop and allowing us to enjoy your wonderful home. I was blessed by being there. I will also sent more money in to your favorite charities. Humm around 70 people and only 42000 raised, thats what like aprox.600 each. I wonder "is this post helping anybody". Those that could not give are forgiven but I think most could have given more. When will people ever get it. This whole event wasn't really about us. We had a chance do bless others. Thank you again Dennis, I hope to have a chance to visit you in the future.

Anonymous said...

That's an excellent starting point! Let's see if we can beat that total next year!


Anonymous said...

Dennis, unfortunately, I had to miss the trading get-together this year to go to a house closing. I hope that you will have it next year because I'd love to come.