Monday, February 18, 2008

The Smart Board and a leap for the next generation.....

I'm not sure if you know yet what a Smart Board is, butI'll try and explain it to some degree. We all grew up with a blackboard and erasers so we could drag our fingernails across to drive that special someone nuts in class and we all, at one time or another slapped those erasers together to make a cloud of dust drift over our best friend....remember those day....WELL THEY ARE HISTORY NOW. Just like the 8 track tapes, cell phones in a bag and beehive hair dos.

A Smart Board is still a black board, but it's also an overhead projector with those clear plastic cells that would fall on the floor, it's a 16mm movie projector that would always break at the right moment, it's a DVD player and it's the internet, it's everything that once was all bunched up into a flat screen.

You can write on it and project power points, show movies from a DVD and go out into hyperspace and check out the outside world. The best part is, that student finds this latest toy something they actually want to use. It's setup kinda like a video game in some respect. So when those little people have to do math, it's a game, that they learn without knowing......sounds funny doesn't it?

The number of problems in the classroom with Smart Boards is near zero because if the kids act up they can't use the Smart Board for a period of time. Smart Boards has also shown to improve the attitude of the student and raise their grade level by one letter. So it's a win, win for everyone.......but I think running your nails across the board and slapping erasers is a part of school that will soon be a distance memory.

We decided to donate a couple of these Smart Boards to the local school and the chemisty teacher worked out a deal with the company and as they say the rest is "history"......with out clauk of course.....:(

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Dawn Suiter said...

You are very inspiring...thanks for sharing.