Monday, November 20, 2006

A close call yet again.....

It was August 1, 2006 the day before the first year anniversay of the house fire and we were a little nervous about things anyways as my wife and son drove up to our house we live in. They were following a truck from 84 Lumber as they approached the driveway, then it happened. The truck caught one of the electric line hanging across the road and snapped the light pole in half and pulled several others pole over.

The pole in front of our house fell like a lead balloon and just missed landing on top of her car. The electric, phone, cable, night security lights and my T-1 line laid on the road in a pile of trash.

As my family sat in the car, I got the first call about one of the electric cables laying over the car....DON'T OPEN THE DOOR....DON'T GET OUT!!!!!!!.
I told a screaming wife......just relax and call 911....and NOW!!!!!

Within 3 minutes, there were cops, firetrucks and rescue trucks lining the street we live on.....sirens everywhere. After they cut the power down at the main road, they said she could exit....being the smart little cookies she is...she said, "Could you open the door?" They did and everyone got out.

Then the street really got filled up with electric company trucks, Bellsouth and the Charter....along with supervisors and so was a mess as 4 poles had to be replaced and it took until 4:30am to get everything back on again.

So again we are lucky that no one was hurt....very lucky, this is one reason that I haven't been blogging as much lately...

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