Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Online Workshop Day #5, the final total.....:)

The final numbers are in and here they are, the Sevier County Humane Society reported a total of $18,420.00

The Mountain Hope Clinic reported in at $19,445.00.

Today the Smokey Mountain Boy and Girls Club reported that they had received a total of $26,811.00. HOLY GRAIL BATMAN.......

That brings the total for the workshop from both the onliners and attendees to a WHOOPING TOTAL OF $64,676.00. Think about that, about 65K was raised by everyone from every walk of life, from every corner of the world as there were onliners from Europe, South America, South Africa, the Pacific rim and Australia all coming together on this dang world wide web. You can all be proud that here in East Tennessee you have helped....maybe in a small way, but each step counts...and so does each deed........

Thank you all for everything you have done, from Haytol watching the chat room during the workshop, Won and Jackson watching to make sure TradingRoomsAcademy stayed up and running, RMK setting everything up, from David giving comps for the Comedy Barn, The Eagle Foundation, Black Bear Caterers, Kevin and his band of hillbillies, to those who carried chairs, you did a great job in helping out.

Of course, I have to thank my wife.....:) for getting up early and helping to park cars and my daughters for printing manuals, setting everything up so we could all enjoy the workshop. I have to also thank Scooter for stealing that half of a donut off my stool, because I might not really need it.....:)

I know you all think that you might have gotten more from the workshop then I did, but in reality I received far more, because of the purpose. Bless all of you and in everything you do and touch......:)


Anonymous said...

Thank you Dennis and to your family for your hospitality and efforts to enable all of us enjoy a rewarding and wonderful weekend workshop at your house. Also to Mark for enlightening us on his Fib work - extensions and timing. And to RMK for keeping the "lights on"

God Bless you and your family and Thank You so much

Anonymous said...

Many thanks to Dennis and family for making us feel at home during the 3 wonderful days in the mountains.

Learned a lot, met great people and had a terrific time.

Thanks again Dennis and family, for everything.


Anonymous said...

I can just here what you are thinking, Dennis.... "This is going to work out better than I ever thought". Congradulations on helping others help others. dloomis514