Thursday, October 18, 2007

See how simple this is Woodies CCI belly up.

The Woodies CCI Club likes to boost about how much "they" have given to Make-a-Wish over the years, shoot back in the Spring of 2004, Ken Woods would talk about over $100,000.00 was given from the Woodies CCI Club. Well that was true to some degree, I know I gave over $40,000.00 and even flew out to Scottsdale, AZ and had Jennifer Rossi come over the "Country Club" for apple dumpling and presented her a check. This check was from a workshop that I did for Fibonacci Trader in Orlando. it was my cut from the workshop, and a big deal was made about it at the time. Well that was 2004 and now it's 2007 and the TAL just kept coming from the Woodies CCI Club, one after another, heck, if you wanted to do all the work, take on all the responsible, set the whole thing up.....well Woodie would fly in, do his dance around the room asking if this was helping anyone....(other then him). Don't believe me, just ask folks like DrBob!!!!

He took the money and that was the end of that......Traders helping Traders....."YOU" helping Ken Woods and TonyUK.....Traders helping Traders. People have fallen for these lines until their account falls below the zero line and they just move on to the next guru.

He had it all, but deserved nothing......Just think about it this way, if someone can really trade and it wouldn't matter what market, after 6 years or whatever he claims now, you would have to think they would have more money buried in the backyard that he would have to move into a bigger house instead of just a hot tub sitting out there.....

I guess if you can't really have to do something besides waiting for those SSI payment each month. Either you can trade or you can't and if you can't then marketing dreams is the next move.

You can click on the picture, to view the article, to read about walking the walk,
instead of using the DrBob-b-gone, the Gio-b-gone, the TW-b-gone, the Cheese-b-gone, the text-b-gone and of course the famous Dax-b-gone, the list is almost endless, when someone tries to stand up or do something that hasn't been approved by the Duke of Wood himself. Truth be told, he is only the mouth piece....right TONY?????

I am so proud of the people who came, and gave with their open heart, think about how much can be done, building a network of friends, sharing ideas, enjoying each others will never have that in the Woodies CCI Club...never and that is the sad part of this whole entire 6 years soap opera.

Take care Ken Woods and Tony Holden some day you will be standing in front of your maker and will have to explain yourself and your actions......and he has the ultimate-b-gone tab.


bub said...

Very nice Dennis.

web link to Mountain Press

JoseyWales said...

Try this. For some reason neither of the donations that I made are in this list.

Josey Wales