Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The workshop is comes the hard part!!!!

We have tested everything and are now ready to do both a live workshop right from the house like last year. Seventy-two people have signed and only two seats are left. The screens will be put in place over the weekend and by Wednesday I will be trading live in the chat room from the garage....just to test everything.

The manuals are printed and stacked back in books ready to go, all the batteries have been replaced for the laser points, remote mics, battery backup are in place and we have even cleaned most of the workshop area......

For those of you who have signed up for the workshop online, well things are running nicely there also, we have tested the bandwidth, or at least that is what I was told....:) They have tested the sound, the charts and the screaming video. With three cameras going to be in place I will not only have to watch what I say, but what I scratch.....ROTFL.

We have decided instead of recording the Land of Wood everyday, we will record the workshop and it will be stored so that everyone that either attended the workshop personally or over the internet will be able to view it for the entire month of June. (password protected). Anyone who wants to view it after that will have to ...YES, make a donation to my local favorite charities.

I almost went in my pants today when Woodie said, "There are a bunch of professional floor traders in the room everyday because the stuff they spent thousand of dollars on don't work and the CCI helps them." Then he went on to say, "TradeStation was a piece of crap, (wonder if that was a paid advertisement from PFG) because you can't do backtesting on it," "The world is full of people selling moon lines or moon beams that don't work either, all you need people is the CCI," he finished up saying.
WOW......when someone tells you eveything else is BULLSHIT and his stuff is the only thing that works.....WOW....stand back from that one.....there are a thousand ways to make money in this business, and the better ones ain't got no ego attached to them.

Manuals will be emailed out to everyone on Saturday so don't leave your computer for one moment OK? :) Now the manuals by themselves don't tell the whole story they are only pictures of the power points, so anyone that just reads it will be bored and lost in space......or maybe in those them dar moon lines.....


Anonymous said...

----"TradeStation was a piece of crap, (wonder if that was a paid advertisement from PFG) because you can't do backtesting on it,"------

2 things I find interesting about Woodie making such a statement. 1) For years he used to preach how backtesting was worthless (his exact words). Hmm, so I guess now backtesting is all of a sudden an OK thing in his book.

and 2) TradeStation is one of the platforms for his auto-trader at PFG and has been since the beginning when the mysterious "Joe" programmer guy was hired to write all the code for it.

Interesting how all the rules change with WCCI yet he goes on about how he has 16 years of stats about this and that and so nothing really needs to change because he's tested everything under the sun.... yet he doesn't trade the CCI as he teaches it in the room with the auto-trader.... THAT of course is something else which he can't talk about and won't answer questions about. Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

Early on Woodie had used Tradestation for a time. If you go back and look at his Active Trader 'Ghost' article (which reads like it was ghost written) you'll see the TS charts.

He once told me why he then came to hate TS. They would not let him have it for free. He wanted it free as an instructor and they said take a hike.

Anonymous said...

So Tradestation wouldn’t give it to him for free? Yes, I heard the same story out of one side of his mouth. Also heard out of the other side of his mouth how he trades for a living and that is why the CCI room is for free. I know a con job when I see one.

Tradestation will let you use the software for free. All that is necessary is that you trade some light volume but Ken does not trade.

Let’s get real here, Ken Wood is a pretender.

And the reason the room is free???

PFG foots the bill on the room and makes a ton on commissions.