Friday, May 30, 2008

The airplane is full.......where is Mittens.

All the tables and chairs are set, the overheads are up and running, the batteries in the pointer have been changed, all the CAD5 one guy can buy have been duct taped to the floor, the buffet tables away, manuals are printed, stacked and those tacky stickers with your names on are laying on the table in a nice neat rows.

It's 8:15pm and soon everyone will be at the Smokey Mountain Brewery for the opening meet and greet, the band is tuning up and even extra servers are on duty tonight after what happened last October, the whole town is braced for these folks. From all over the world either in person or tomorrow online, over 160 traders will be watching to see if I can pull this off.....:)

Airplanes from Atlanta and Memphis are on their way, from Charlotte and Cincinnati are in the final approach to TYS. Hotel rooms are filling up with attendees. But it's not to late to sign up for the have until 8:00am EDT.

We test drove the room in TR Academy today and it looked fine......three cameras so I will have to watch what I stratch I guess.....hehe.

NOW, if you have problems loggin just email as they are on full battle alert tonight.......may the force be with us...... :)

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