Sunday, May 25, 2008

Daytrading workshop online...time is running out!!

With the educational daytrading workshop here at the house already filled up and now time is working against us. Those who want to join the workshop online need to have their donation done, signed, sealed and emailed by Wednesday night.

The workshop will be recorded, so if you have to step away for a couple of hours to go do a soccer mom thing you can, or worse, if you fall asleep watching the live broadcast. During the month of June you will be able to go back and watch every exciting moment you missed.

The manual will be email on Monday night to everyone that has donated to any of the three local charites, we will have an updated list by Monday evening from them. Now just looking at the manual will be like looking at a road map in the outback somewhere, it won't allow make a lot of secret sauce in there...:)

The Smoky Mountain Hillbilly Dinner will also be shown, including the band, attendees and of course, the Goldens. The smell of smoked ribs and baked beans, will close your eyes and dream along.......:)

One of the best part of the workshop, is the live trading with a real account, and see how I sweat under pressure.....:) Not only will you see the charts I use but also for those who attend the indicators and ideas are available just for the asking. Hopefully you will find a nugget that can help you improve your trading. I have been using what is called a "Black Bar Indicator" in the chat room, that a trading buddy sent me a while back to see if I could rip it apart. I have been using this indicator and it will also be available to attendees, but for a small fee. Right now, that is only for TradeStation users also.

Now, before the brown shirt get all up in arms over the idea that I might be selling something and making a profit....first off ..."GO TO HELL", but second I always talk about LBR and how she helped me in my trading with the market structure, I will always give credit to Van Tharp for his work, to Larry Williams and of course, to Mr. Krausz who gave me my holy grail. Back in the days of the, when I was part of that mess, well someone tHEFEd or however it was spelled, gave out Roy Kelly's CycleID to anyone that wanted it because he had opened the code. I immediately contacted Roy, a friend of mine, and advised him of what was going on. Of course, Woodie then said that everyone that got it should give Roy a couple of bucks for it. What was 695.00 was then sold for 50.00....but that how that room worked after hours.

I don't use someone's else work without giving credit to that person, like DrBob and his use of the CCI set to 50. Nor, would I give out work that someone else gave me to play with....not that I am a saint, it's just not the right thing to do.

So the bottom line, is simple, time is running out for everyone to finish signing up for the online workshop. You can scan down to see where to donate the $250.00 directly to the charity, see that is another thing, but no need to go there right now. If you have a friend or trading buddy that you think should know about this workshop...NOW IS THE TIME TO DROP HIM A LINE.

I will not be up late late Friday night trying to get any last minute sign up on board......

And by the way, the girls from the charities, will be at the workshop at 8:45am EDT on Monday to speak to the attendees and to thank those who have signed up for the $15,000.00 plus donation that have already come in........WOW!!!!

You folks amazes we at times..........


Anonymous said...

are the tennessee titan cheerleaders gonna be there too ?

Anonymous said...

u sent the email for the room and where it is located, but u didnt forward the PW for the room to the donators, thanks. also what is the limit down room pw? thanks