Monday, May 19, 2008

Woodies CCI Club Autotrader week 3

Well after 3 weeks, since the first of May, the account seems to be having what we in the business a serious drawdown period. It started out with a $5,000.00 at the end second week it was down to $4,706.38 and at the end of last week it had dropped down to a new equity low at $4,328.13. That is a $671.87drawdown and about 13.4%.

Last week it looked like it would have a drawdown for the month around $1,032.02 and at this rate, at least it will hit that target. Why can't Woodie just trade it himself, after all he has those 8 out of 10 winners and sometimes it's even 10 out of 10....all the time. Why does he even need this AutoTrader????


Anonymous said...

-----Why does he even need this AutoTrader????------

I know this question is rhetorical, but for those that don't 'get it', here's the answer. It's not Woodie that needs the auto-trader, it's PFG Neil that uses it to do nothing more than to churn commissions over and over, win or lose, doesn't matter to them... a commission is a commission.

Woodies' role is the sock puppet on the hand of PFG because they know if Woodie says "Invest in the auto-trader", gobs of people will do it without question as if this advice comes from the mouth of the prophet.

We all know that PFG "owns" WCCI. Woodies no more owns the WCCI Club than did Colonel Sanders own KFC at the end. They are both just the face that is the brand name. So, if PFG needs more auto-trader clients, or other clients for anything, they just stick their hand up Woodies' back side and make him say inspirational prophesies about how everyone needs to do this or that with PFG and viola, more PFG lemmings.

Another glass of Kool-Aid please.

Anonymous said...

Woodie was a hard-ass behind the 'show-n-tell' when we would ask questions and try to move toward helping traders get the best advice and cheapest tools. He never did the work himself. Everyone worked their life off helping him because they thought he was actually helping people.

Later we found out the truth. He might have started off good but it has all gone terribly horribly wrong. We all now see him for what he is.

Woodie, I am deeply ashamed of you. Worse then that is that my entire family feels the same way if not worse. They have watched all that you have done for years now.

I personally hope you have a painful remaining life and rot in hell for how you have treated people. You gave no respect for all that have helped you so much. We gave so much of our lives for what turned out to be all for your own good.

Traders helping traders was right. But is was us that were helping them, not you. We created your system for you over the years, not you... and you know that very well.

We helped them and you helped yourself you low life piece of shi*t.

You are a terrible person and help no one but yourself. All these real traders in the world make money from training people but they do it honest unlike you. You deceive and manipulate people in private chats to make them do what you want to better yourself.

Why have you been so dishonest? Why couldn't you have just simply been a good friend to people and allow a place for everyone to learn and grow, charge a small fee and everything would have been great.

But NO! You hade to deceive everyone into helping you create a massive room and trading method without any help from you, which most will be surprised to hear, all under the false pretenses of 'everything is free' and we only help you bullsh*t.

How can you treat all those that have helped create a name for you, provide you opportunities you would have never had and give you so many tools and excellent situations to make you well known, all to have you SH*T on people after it doesn’t go your way.

You are nothing anymore.

Everyone, always remember this:

"Woodie, we helped them and you helped yourself you low life piece of shi*t."

Anonymous said...

Auto-trader, … a new angle to the same old scam. I would like to say the previous post only scratches the surface, let me explain.

I've had privy to the inside information on how PFG cooked the books to cover for Ken Wood keeping the money raise in behalf of handicapped children. Try as they may, it is very easy to find the truth. Simply look at the number of trading seminars and note the attendance (the attendance numbers are easy to find as the people who attended are still well within the loop of contacts for those investigating the CCI activity) Then call the local Make-A-Wish chapters in the state where the trading seminars were held, then call the national office and compare the numbers. Very simple.


PFG the sponsoring broker responsible for perpetrating this mess has since removed any wording of contributing charitable donations when Woodies Trading Seminars are held. This shows they were not a legitimate group to begin with, but only choose to drop below the radar of the Attorney Generals Office when the heat was turned up. If it was in their hearts to do this to begin with, why stop now? Were the handicapped children used to embellish PFG’s business plan? Of course.

How sad to exploit handicapped children for personal monetary gain. How do you feel when you see millionaires like the Wasendorfs, owners of PFG, use disadvantaged children to get richer?


When considering PFG and Ken Wood and the Woodies CCI Club, we are looking at the worst class of individuals on planet earth. This is the scum your parents warned you about.

If you think the Make-A-Wish foundation wants to bring this negative attention to the surface you are naive. They would rather everyone just forget it has happened. Non-Profits have a difficult time building a base and avoid negative attention at all cost, even if it means the conmen never get exposed.

And if you’re wondering if the I.R.S. got the tax revenue on the missing money from the trading seminars guess again. Do you think that is wrong? Of course it is.


It took me only a short period of time to see Ken Wood does not trade. His behavior is a combination of a conman mixed with someone who never got any attention in their life, who will stoop to do anything to look important including hurting innocent people around him. Forget about the money skimmed off the trading seminars For a moment look at the idea of collecting a disability check yet claiming to make a living at trading… Do you feel that’s wrong? Do feel it’s misleading? Where do you draw the line?

When Ken Wood says he’s been trading for over 30 years, we all need to see that he has never produced a PnL nor a trading statement. Anybody who has been trading that long can produce the necessary document to prove they are the real deal. These con-artists can not find the truth for the same reason a thief can’t find a policeman, they don’t want to.

Through the close associations I had with the CCI club I learned that Woodie in fact does not trade but derives his income from a disability check and not from trading futures. This is a direct contradiction to what he has led members of his CCI club like the late Dr. Famir to believe. Does anyone care how Ken Wood misled Dr. Famir with his trading method and then Dr. Famir lost it all on the Woodies CCI method, then later committed suicide?


If you are wondering why Woodie did not come clean and tell Dr. Famir that he himself can not make his own CCI method work, you are not alone as many of us wonder the same thing. Do you think Dr. Famir would of taken a different approach if he would of known the truth? Dr. Famir’s family feel things would have been much different if Ken Wood would have been honest. Many of us who watched the situation unfold gasped when we learned the truth. It was at this time many traders dropped out of the CCI club. Why didn’t Ken wood just tell Dr. Famir the truth? How do you quantify the depth of misleading a fellow man? And then continue the behavior in light of Dr. Famir death.?

Some individuals who are void of character feel that because of the natures of how risky commodities are Ken Wood is not to blame. I disagree and say this is even more reason to be truthful and honest, there is no excuse for misleading another person;


There are many conmen in the world like Ken Wood and if the problem was limited to just him it would be a simpler issue, but the problem compounds when unknowing new traders step up to the plate to help promote the deceptions. Their actions just promote the fraud even further. Keep in mind no-one in the Woodies CCI Club has ever posted an actual PnL or a trading statement validating that what Ken Wood says is true.. So Ken Wood is not alone on the fraud issue, these low life, attention starved moderators are just as bad.

Woodies moderators need to know they are scum just like Ken Wood. You are a fool to associate with someone who is thief and a liar and misleads another human being.


If you truly think it’s wrong for millionaires to exploit children for person gain…

If you have grown tired of seeing just how far this crook is going to continue …

If you wish to bring closure to the criminal activity, then join others who have reported the fraudulent activity of Ken Wood to the Arizona Attorney Generals Office.

Here is the address to send your concerns:
Terry Goddard – Arizona Attorney General
Special Investigation
c/o Robert Rivera
1275 West Washington
Phoenix, AZ 85007

On behalf of innocent children who can not defend themselves who been used and exploited at the hands of callous individuals… And on behalf of families like those of the late Dr. Famir who have suffered the brunt of being misled by dishonesty.

Thank you for helping bring closure to this long overdue saga.

Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous (3rd post),

I know what you are saying is true and I don't dispute any of it except one point you made at the end about the moderators also being scum.

I can tell you that I was a moderator for over 2 years at WCCI and I had NO IDEA that the organization was corrupt and doing the things that it was doing. I spent my time freely and sincerely trying to help other traders while at the same time trying to improve my trading.

Just because I was a moderator didn't mean that I was given the keys to sacred knowledge of corruption and misleading. I spent hours upon hours promoting the Make-A-Wish agenda online and speaking at his TALs. I had NO IDEA a scam was happening. I was told point blank from Woodies' own mouth lie after lie and I had no reason to initially doubt him. So I went on to say what he wanted me to say and I did it in good faith.

I didn't find out about all this garbage and revelation until AFTER I quit moderating. I was then sick to my stomach that I was used as a "tool", giving hours upon hours of my free time to "help other traders" in good faith and made to feel like a loser because I couldn't be profitable after 2 years, then I was banished.

Was I scum and deserve the same fate? I think NOT. And I know MANY other moderators who were doing nothing more than working in good faith as well under the slogan "traders helping traders". I was used and I was lied to just like everyone else. This is what hurts me.

I took several years out of my professional life to learn to trade and unfortunately wasted it with WCCI and now am back to work again. I would jump at the chance to learn from a REAL trader, unfortunately I can't afford the time to do it at the moment, and besides I am so jaded that there is anybody who is "real" in this business now that I am very gun shy to even listen to anyone again.

Anyway, I was a moderator, but I was NO participant in the shenanigans and I think your statement that the moderators are scum deserves an apology. Was I a fool? Yes, but I had no idea about the scam. The other moderators that continue to give their time for Woodie are all close-eared fools too, but they believe that they are trying to do something to help. Eventually they all come to the realization that it doesn't work, it's just a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting the CCI Club Autotrader statements. They get more interesting and questionable by the day. The statement for Thursday, May 15, indicates an ending balance of $4,328.18 as you posted BUT the opening balance on Monday, May 19, is $4,128.13. Since the Autotrader does not trade on Friday, Saturday or Sunday (May 16, 17, and 18) many questions are raised. Where did the $200.00 to the penny go? No statement was posted showing where the money went. Are the statements real? I’ve never seen a computerized brokerage statement that indicates an opening balance different from the last statements closing balance. Next time “they” should sneak money into the account so the results don’t look so bad.

Anonymous said...

Response to 4th Anonymous, the 3rd post is not directed to you as you are no longer a moderator nor carry that title.

Woodies CCI club a garnered much attention in the last few months. His web site has had to make many changes as the fraudulent behavior has been exposed. There are numerous web-sites bringing these details to the public’s attention. For the “CURRENT” moderators to claim ignorance as an excuse are without defense.

To the 4th Anonymous post I commend you on your heart felt voice towards what right and what is wrong. Edmund Burke quotes …”All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

I commend all those who have taken a stand against the wrongs of the Ken Wood, and the wrongs of those who support him.

Anonymous said...

To answer your question where the $200 went: Each month PFG asses a $200 "service charge" for the right to have an account on the auto trader. So on top of all the commissions, be prepared to spend $200 PER MONTH for the right to lose money a CCI Velocity speeds. The statement I bet was adjusted to reflect that deduction. What a sweet deal huh? IF you're PFG that is.

Anonymous said...

Here is a simple logic:

If one is not a successful trader (meaning one actually trade and profit from one's trading consistently), one has no business to "teach" other want-to-be traders in a chat room, let alone to open a chat room in the name of helping and teaching but really is for one's on gains in money, power, fame, and other ego boost.

There is a distinction between woodie and his moderators: woodie knows his real purpose for operating the chat room was not to help others but to benefit himself, woodie's moderators thought they were helping others, but since they themselves are not successful traders, their talking in the room actually caused great harm to newbies, wasting they time is one, distracting them from real learning is another, confused them, caused them to form bad habits, corrupted their psychology, promised false hopes and expectations, are just some of the other harms, the more deadly harm is, such irresponsible "teachings" caused many to lost their hard earned money, some lost entire retirement savings, like Dr. Farmir, and in the extreme event, caused the death and total destruction to those who listened, as in Dr. Farmir's case.

So, even though woodie's moderators may not intent to scam others or cause harm to others, their irresponsible actions of "teaching" when they have nothing to teach, constitute the moral and factual "crime"! (I know, that's a heavy word, but in my book, ruining people's life savings and causing people to commit suicide, even if not directly, constitutes a CRIME!). But since they did not intent to commit such crime, I don't agree in calling them scums, they themselves are ignorant and victims of their own ego.

Anonymous said...

give it a rest. it has nothing to do with woodies moderators. they are there to help. if you were a moderator then maybe you would know that. focus on woodie and quit blaming the free help. think about it. you think the free help was in cahoots with woodie to benefit himself only. now you want to harang the peopel that truely wanted to help traders. i understand your grudge but you are really wrong about that.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous about moderators bearing some responsibility, giving the impression that the WCCI was the way to trade successfully. I myself lost a lot of money ( relatively speaking) thinking I was the problem. I even went to a"trade along" (trade alone?)to learn the magic that the leaders (moderators) were PROMOTING! I was absolutely shocked when one by one they were quiting, not so much because of Woodie, but because they couldn't make money following the "leading indicator" In Seattle I asked guru Wood if this live patern on my laptop was a "ghost"? His answer " could be" That was my defining moment, had to tell my wife I've been had. I remember guru Wood in the chat room quote: a ghost is a ghost is a ghost always.Ask him live and he says could be? The emperor's new clothes comes to mind. moderators helped give the chat room a sense of credability and that is the diservice to newbies like myself, it doesn'nt matter if they were paid or not.Would you be a passenger in a plane knowing the pilot learned his skills from someone who has never flown before? get operated on by a doctor who only has theory as knowlege? Bungie jump or skydive with instructions from a leader who has never done it? even if they were just volunteers? The way I see it is, I lost money because of myself, I didn't do my due diligence, I had a dream and went with emotion, nobodys fault but mine. But for ethics, moderators ( assumeing they couldn't make a living trading WCCI) should take a long hard look in the mirror and ask themselves why were they there?Remember a candle looses nothing burning your ass.

Anonymous said...

OK, I'm responding as a former moderator. I traded in the room for a full year before Woodie asked me to moderate. I asked him point blank, "I am NOT profitable yet, how can I possibly moderate?" because I assumed that every single moderator I heard was a full time, fully profitable trader who had passed some litmus test with Woodie in order to qualify to be a moderator. I told him I was resistant to the concept of trying to teach others when I haven't "arrived" yet.

After numerous conversations, he convinced me to moderate by basically explaining that moderating is usually the last step in becoming profitable. It brings a skill and a focus to your trading he told me, that you can't get anywhere else. Plus he also told me that being profitable first was not the point, could I explain and see the patterns? Could I help someone new understand what makes a Ghost, what makes a ZLR.

By doing this he explained to me that I would not only be helping others learn the basics, but it would sharpen my game and be the last piece in the puzzle that would make me profitable. I wanted to be profitable so bad (who doesn't) so I fell into his logic. Basically he convinced me that moderating would make ME a better trader in the long run.

That's how I got sucked into it.

After moderating for a full year, my trading execution and emotion were, in my opinion pretty flawless... it was tight. But I wasn't any closer to profitability than before. The patterns, the system, the 10 tic targets and 15-20 tic stops methodology just couldn't produce money on the profitable side of my account. It was due to this frustration that I personally realized that I couldn't live with myself getting on the mic and rah-rah-ing people.

Unlike Woodie, I wasn't a person who got off simply listening to other people tell me how great my moderating is. I felt like I was becoming a big liar and that's not in my character and I finally couldn't live with it. I had to quit it. When I told Woodie that I just wasn't profitable and couldn't carry on moderating because of it, he said, "OK, no problem, I completely understand."

Then when I went back the next few days to log into the forum, my username was deleted. All my posts were deleted. I could no longer log into the chat room under my old name. He wiped me out of existence for what? Because I wasn't profitable? I committed no sin, but because I couldn't make any money and didn't want to moderate anymore, he had to have me banned so nobody else could hear from me again.

Fascinating group over there.

Anonymous said...

Responding to former moderator, Thank you for explaining how you came to be one. Upon reflection of my comments, they appear quite harsh and critical. I am sorry. I shoudn't vent without knowing all the facts. Bottom line is that I should of done my own due diligence , (like getting proof the "GURU" actually trades and makes money with his WCCI). It looks as though Mr Wood is good at fooling people from every angle. I'd have to say he's a master, too bad it's not of the WCCI.