Monday, May 19, 2008

Daytrading workshop online and it going great.......

As I was growing up both my grandfather and my dad would also say, "Money talks and Bullshit walks." Well, at this point, I am blown away by the number of folks who have signed up for the online workshop by donating to my favorite local charities. As of tonight, I have gotten emails from all three charities and the total so far is just above $8,300.00.

I am, to say the least, amazed......on Saturday everyone that has signed up will be receiving their manuals via email. We will be broadcasting live the entire three days including the Smokey Mountain Hillbilly Dinner here at the house, well at least, until dark...... :). Also when the ladies from the charities speak on Monday morning at 8:30am about what they do, how they do it, and why your help is so important....everyone will be able to watch their presentation.

Two folks have canceled since this will be online, so there are two spots open if anyone would like to come....again the cost is a donation to these charities, simple as that and I will pick up the tab on the rest of it. It doesn't matter to me if you were, at one time, a big dog (sorry big cat)in the WoodieCCIClub or anybody else, everyone is welcome with open arms...we just ask that you come with an open mind.....

Ken Wood never answered the emails I sent him asking him to come....but I am sure we all know why that will never happen. Ken Wood would never allow anyone to see him actually trade must less his former followers......oh well.


Anonymous said...

Woodie was a hard-ass behind the 'show-n-tell' when we would ask questions and try to move toward helping traders get the best advice and cheapest tools. He never did the work himself. Everyone worked their life off helping him because they thought he was actually helping people.

Later we found out the truth. He might have started off good but it has all gone terribly horribly wrong. We all now see him for what he is.

Woodie, I am deeply ashamed of you. Worse then that is that my entire family feels the same way if not worse. They have watched all that you have done for years now.

I personally hope you have a painful remaining life and rot in hell for how you have treated people. You gave no respect for all that have helped you so much. We gave so much of our lives for what turned out to be all for your own good.

Traders helping traders was right. But is was us that were helping them, not you. We created your system for you over the years, not you... and you know that very well.

We helped them and you helped yourself you low life piece of shi*t.

You are a terrible person and help no one but yourself. All these real traders in the world make money from training people but they do it honest unlike you. You deceive and manipulate people in private chats to make them do what you want to better yourself.

Why have you been so dishonest? Why couldn't you have just simply been a good friend to people and allow a place for everyone to learn and grow, charge a small fee and everything would have been great.

But NO! You hade to deceive everyone into helping you create a massive room and trading method without any help from you, which most will be surprised to hear, all under the false pretenses of 'everything is free' and we only help you bullsh*t.

How can you treat all those that have helped create a name for you, provide you opportunities you would have never had and give you so many tools and excellent situations to make you well known, all to have you SH*T on people after it doesn’t go your way.

You are nothing anymore.

Everyone, always remember this:

"Woodie, we helped them and you helped yourself you low life piece of shi*t."

Anonymous said...