Friday, May 02, 2008

Woodies CCI Club and "THE CHALLENGE" update

Since we all know how you always like to cut expenses let's do this...all the food will be free, you can stay in the nanny flat for free, we will pick you up at the airport for free, you can have a free workshop manual, take a couple pens and those sour balls off the conference tables, heck even pack some food to take back from the buffet if you like.

The dinner on Saturday night is free, the hillbilly band is free, all the beer you can drink is free (well until the keg blows), all the wine is free (except to TonyUK), we will even throw in the candle light ceremony in your name for free. We'll even sell your shirts, mugs, tote bags, pen and pencil sets, stuffed animals, visors, hats, coats, jackets, penants and shoot even your DVD box set. We would even sell your book for you if .......well let's not go there!!!!

FREE, FREE, FREE, and all you have to do is come and speak about the CCI, won't matter if we started out trading the ES....hold it that was to big or something, then we went to the ER for the past 4 years, with some of the YM, and some of the NQ, we traded C, S, W and the RR......oh no, that was DAX, never mind!!!!!

We have traded the 3m which proved to be wrong after 29 years of research but along the way we traded the 29 minute chart so we could front run the ones on the 30 minute and we traded the 9 minutes to front run the 10 minute folks. Then he traded the 5 minute not sure who we were front running. I always wondered if the CCI is a leading indicator and would get you in early and then the rest of the world would push it for us, why we had to front run the leading indicator by a minute. But then again, I never spent 30 years doing research on that.

We have traded all the time frames and different markets including the FOREX now, well that the autotrader doing that. Would that have something to do with being outside the bounds of the CFTC and you can show whatever you want to show to help that marketing angle.

I would love to see Woodie send me an email and say....."Hey, Dude pick me up at the airport at 4:15 on Friday the 30th, and the Death Match in the Mountains is on, all I will need is a $2,500.00 speaking fee, in advance, plus my airfare, TonyUK airfare and airfare for his lovely wife, first class of course, and I need the best wine you can find, hopefully like the one we had at the Rivera that night. I think it was like 175 a bottle, and I need a table to sell my stuff, not bringing Susan this time, but we will figure out how to collect the cash, maybe TonyUK wife can handle that. Thanks for hosting this Sport, remember I am just doing this to help others."

SO, WHAT ABOUT IT WOODIE, come on and join all your friends you haven't seen over the past 7 years, come join us have a great evening with our home grown music, and enjoy the crisp clean Smokey Mountains.

We will be trading live on Monday......can you come???????

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