Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Still waiting for that reply from Ken Wood

Still waiting by my inbox for a reply to the email, will it be "YES", "NO" or "maybe"..no reply at all. I don't understand, Ken is not in Europe right now and he is not in China, he is not in Vegas, Chicago, Orlando, New York, Anaheim, San Francisco doing anything....so he must have read my email by now.

What a great opportunity to shut me up and take down this blog, PFG could even come along and promote their trading platform, the auto trader, books, DVD's, t-shirts, caps and mugs...pen and pencil sets.....whatever.

But I guess it won't be, you would have to have something of value to step up and trade live before 80 people who know the CCI and have lost real money trying to make it work and the whole world over the internet.....won't YOU????

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