Friday, May 02, 2008

Market Gurus and chat rooms

Well it's not always about the Woodies CCI Club now is it, we all from time to time get in a jam, stick our heads where they don't belong. Trade without stops, drive without the seatbelt, run around the house with a knife in our hands and it's doesn't matter how we got there either. What we need is someone to come along and give us a hand, something to get back on level ground so to speak.

In trading, and sometimes in other areas of our lives, we end up following what we believe is the messenger of the holy grail. Some guy who we think has become "The Master of Whatever", and is really only the master of marketing and you have fallen hook, line and sinker. So in trading it easy to get caught up in the moment.....and risk real money only to find out that you got screwed. So just remember, not everyone who shows up is there to help you.

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