Saturday, May 31, 2008

Online Workshop Day #1

Mitten's brother Murray wasn't able to join her at the educational workshop in mountains this weekend.....but he did view it online. It would appear that things went ....well OK. There is the problem of using a laser pointer but the online folks can't see that dang little red dot to save them.

But the workshop stayed online all day and didn't crash as over 86 people were viewing at a time. Two screamin video cams, and a power point running at the same time, the problem can as I move around the mic would pick up other noises.....and that made it come across like I was talking with marbles.....

The best part of the day, at least for me, was during the money management marble game, as Richard slipped in just on piece of paper that gave you a 20 times normal loss. When it was picked out, 70 of the 77 attendees blow out in a heart beat. So I told them to stand up and leave, actually they were over to the side and got some water, bananas, apples and were talking. I walked over and said, "Look in there, what do you see....1....2....3..4.....5...6.....7 are left right?" 7 traders or 10% are left standing. What does that tell you about having the proper risk management and the proper size management. It's not an indicator that blew you out, it wasn't chasing a setup, it wasn't getting out to early, it wasn't your secret sauce was it?

Everyone got the point as they looked back into the room, the rest of the day was just normal yada yada yada about FBT, finding the trend and the mother of all indicators.......

The dinner tonight was viewed online as well, as Logan (12) sang some of Dolly's songs and the band on while we ate chicken and dumplings, ribs and some warm peach cobbler. With the bar open, it wasn't long before they drifted up for a glass of wine or a cold Yeungling. Good start to a long weekend.

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