Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mittens has her bags packed tonight......

Mittens has her bags packed tonight and is trying to get out of the house without the master of the Woodies CCI Club finding out. She is currently pretending to be sleeping in the suitcase....well until he goes to bed that is.

The number of people who has signed up for the online sessions has now extended beyond those who are coming and the house is packed. People are already driving past the house, SLOWLY..... :)

As of tonight over $22,000.00 has been raised for the three local charities just from those folks who will be viewing it online. The three day workshop will also include video from three cameras, live charts, order entry and fibonacci work.
The sessions will be recorded in case, well you have to go to the bathroom or worse, fall asleep in the middle of..."The Holy Grail, who needs it." presentation.

Firday, at high noon will be the last time to sign up, in order to give us enough time to email the manual, load you up for the workshop and so on. Emails will be flying tomorrow night to everyone covering all kinds of stay we ROCK THIS LITTLE BLUE MARBLE.... :)

Sorry there Ken Wood, I gave your seat away because you never got back to me after I sent you all those nice email asking you to come.


Anonymous said...

the charity room is still password protected, you didnt send out the password for the room yet =(

Anonymous said...


I really respect your dedication to be so helpful by hosting this event at your home and even arranging online access at the last moment so that no one got left behind. Despite the few technical difficulties with the email and logins ... and especially despite the frequent whining ... you've kept everything on track toward what will become a hugely successful event. I'm really looking forward to the seminar this weekend. On the other hand, all complainers should get sent to your whine cellar!

Sport said...

I was always taught that in order for you enjoy peace and quiet, well you have to listen and hear noise......

In order to enjoy a bright beautiful sunrise you have to live in darkness.

And I am sure that the brown shirts and all there games they like to try and play will be in full force this weekend and that is fine.

In order to appreciate the love and friendship of some, you have to endore the hatred of others.

Like when I was at the NY Traders Expo and was about to go on to show how software worked live....and trade live. The internet didn't work for some reason. They had to get the IT people from the hotel, from the TradersExpo to figure it out. Seems it had been blocked, now just before I went on, the WoodiesCCIClub did their presentation.....without any problems...not BSski, just facts.

SO the brown shirts will be in high gear, but we are ready for them, so let the games begin.

Anyone that steps out of line will be kicked the hell out of the workhsop. I learned about this important feature that Ken Wood had built into's called the "YOU ARE OUT OF HERE" key.

Judias will be online with us, so Judias, make sure you don't trip up like Jimsy did back in 2006, I would hate to have to pound on you for weeks on end in front of the whole world.......

You and your boss......he might work for PFG now, but it will be gloves off....for sure.