Sunday, May 04, 2008

IT's a sellout....the educational daytraing workshop is full

Unlike some market gurus out there, where you put on an educational workshop and a week before you see that you have a room for 100 and you only have 23...well you call the hotel and downside...ASAP. Or you see you have 200 and call the hotel and have them slide one of the walls back and setup more tables and chairs.

The educational daytrading workshop being held in the hills of Tennessee, well like the last time...I left anyone come that wanted too....right up to the last day and because the tables were wider then they should have been 24 inches instead of the 18 inches.....some had to sit off to the side. So this time, we know just how many can fit in.....and still be friends....:)

SO, as of today it's full plus two and also this weeks market action in the Russell2000 will be the material we use for the workshop, current data no smoke and mirrors from 2005 when it worked that curve fitting....I also plan to compare the data from the second week in Sept 2007 against this week to see if it still holds up.

It has since 1998, but what the heck, also the marble game will have some interesting twists in it since most of you folks that have come to several of these sessions have figured out how to beat it by now.....:)

So the stage is set, just waiting to see if there are any takers on "The Challenge?"

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