Sunday, April 20, 2008 traffic report.....I-10 backing u p

Before the last workshop in Las Vegas I mentioned that things were about to take a turn for the worse at the Woodies CCI Club, that something was wrong and about to explode. It wasn't long after the workshop that several moderators just seemed to drop out of sight, some of the last batch of long timers had thrown in the towel. Now there seems, at least, on the surface to that there was several reasons, it's just interesting how they all seemed to come to ahead after that workshop.

Did Woodie try and pull the same stunt as he did during the first Las Vegas Trade-a-Long in Decemeber of 2003? Where he had Dr. Famir give this heart felt speech about how Woodie was over worked, had major health problems and needed rest. He went to say that moderators had to step it up, work harder so the goals of the club could be met. I know while my wife sat there in Dr. Famir hotel room, we kept looking at each other, you know, how husband and wife can talk without saying my real words. The only reason, and I mean this, the only reason I ever moderated was because of Little Ricky. Woodie would moderate on Friday morning and then Little Ricky would come on and it was funny and he is a nice guy and all, but deadly if you are trying to learn to trade. In fact, he would even say, don't do what I am doing, he would go long, LOSER, then short, LOSER, then short again, LOSER, then throw his hand up and go into the hope mode, when in a trade he would act like he was at the races.

I couldn't take it anymore, so I did something I shouldn't have, I asked to moderate.....and soon it became the Friday Afternoon Sport Show. Soon I found myself asked to do a presentation for the conference in Las Vegas, what could I speak about, after all it was the Woodie Dog and Pony Show, so I could not speak about the CCI, so I spoke about being a vessel and how things pass thru you and being a good steward. Most ever got it, but then they never will...and that's OK with me.

So we were called up to Dr. Famir room for a "special meeting", I never really considered myself part of the click, since I never talked to any of them, in fact, most of them viewed me as trouble. WHO is this guy that just came out of nowhere, what's up with him and his private jet flying Woodie and his wife into Vegas? They never actually talked to me, just bad mouthed me and that's OK with me. Today, none of those people are around anymore, blown out, SO, in the end, they were worth about as much as a pack of sugar is to a diabetic. I did chat with Woodie once in a while thru the PM's on hotcomm. But there we were, while Dr. Famir poured it on, I thought that Woodie wasn't going to make it past Christmas the way he talked..... So maybe that is what went on again in Vegas...another pump up the troops show.

It's been several months since the Vegas workshop, and it now appears that the damage from whatever happened out there in the desert is starting to show up, the amount of traffic on the website is declining, the number of pages viewed in also in the decline over a 3 month period.

Now you do have to understand one thing about the Internet, instead of logging into the chatroom thru, you are logging in by the way of the WoodiesCCIClub website and what this does is pump up the actual number of viewers. Back during the hotcomm days, the traffic on the WoodiesCCIClub actual website was low, because once you logged onto the chatroom, you really didn't go to the website much. Now you have to go to the website everytime you want to either log onto the chatroom or check out the latest research from the master.

But no matter how you count the chickens and the eggs, there ain't as many as there were....and I just hope it wasn't something I said.
Where have all the moderators gone?
Long time passing
Where have all the moderators gone?
Long time ago
Where have all the moderators gone?
Woodie has deleted them every one
When will he ever learn?
When will he ever learn?

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Anonymous said...

I used to cringe listening to Woodie go on an on about "We had 6 million hits to the website this month". "We had 36,000 downloads of the CCI document this month."

Coming from a strong background in technology and an understanding of web analytics I knew that he had absolutely no idea what he was talking about. I'm sure he doesn't even know the difference between a "unique" and a "hit" and what it even means. But certainly he was implying that gets millions of visitors each month. If that were true he would be sitting on the next Facebook or MySpace and would have well more than 200-300 people poking their heads in the chat room. It sounds impressive but it's simply impossible.

The upshot is, if you have a website and put 1 million graphics on it, when a person surfs to your site your browser issues a request for each one of those graphics. Depending on your analytics interpretation, each one of those requests can be defined as a "hit". Therefore, 2 visitors who wait for all your graphics to load would generate 2 million hits to your site. 2 million hits, but only 2 unique visitors paints quite a different story.

If you looked at the WCCI site, there's about a billion graphics and crap all over that place that would ramp up the number of hits shown. His over-the-top declarations about traffic would just gaul me because people listening are like "Oh ya, OMG that's amazing....this place MUST be the holy grail or else it wouldn't receive that much traffic."

I would love to get my hands on the REAL traffic logs from the WCCI servers and I bet you a ZLR that the real traffic to the site is but a fraction of a pittance of what he claims.