Thursday, April 17, 2008

Trade-a-Long coming up ....yet again!!!!!!

Well the first Trade-a-Long at my house, actually held in the garage went about the way I thought, good moments and bad moments and the beer was almost cold....ROTFL.

I guess you can't actually call it a Trade-a-Long since I didn't allow anyone internet access here at the house, because I thought it was more important to watch me show my stuff then allow attendees to play with their stuff. After all, my theroy is, if you came to understand how I trade the markets then having your atuff up would only allow you to "COMPARE" your stuff with my stuff and you would never clearly understand my stuff and my stuff is the stuff that traders are made of.....ROTFL!!!!!!!

So it's Spring time in the Smokies, the flowers are bloomin, the trees are beginning to show signs to life again, the butterflies are even cruising around checkin the place out and so I decided to have another EDUCATIONAL WORKSHOP. Now some just might call it a reason for a bunch of old guys to get together and tell war stories, well it's that also, some might call it a reason to get away from the family for a few days and talk to people that understand you, well it's that also.

Is there anything new and exciting at this workshop.....well, I have read a couple of articles and dusted off some old junk I had laying around, which I found when we moved and might do a thingie on them. But for the most part it's just the same ole stuff.....size management, find a tradable trend, find a pullback, get your butt in the trade and manage the dang know page 18 paragraph 2.

Most of the people at the last one I think were more impressed by the actual live trading then the two days of yada if you want to come maybe we could yada yada for one day and trade live for two.....either way you will be back out of here after three days one way or the other......

So let me know, details coming this weekend.
The cost is a donation to one of my three local charities, just like last time, which you hand them the smoke and mirrors here.....
May 31 to June 2nd for now.....
email me at if you haven't done it already........same deal also with a full course dinner party (hillbilly style) on Saturday night and all the beer you can drink......and live hillbilly music...ya'll come hear!!!!!


MarkB said...

I'm looking forward to it, last one was a blast!


adam cox said...

I wrote several articles that were publiched by Daryl Guppy in Australia and Singaspore on the GMMA. My work was even re-printed in A Wiley book that Daryl published.

I think I have the articles somewhere on file. As I live in New Zealand, I can't come to the 'party', but I can alsways share my work if anyone is interested.