Friday, April 18, 2008

The Sweet 16 and 20,000 fans and a cast of characters

Before the first whistle is blown, before the team arrives at the arena, before the trainers pack their bag of trick up the fans are already busting at the seams. So here are waiting for some former players to make a little speech about what the program has done for them. Then the signal comes down, the bands starts know the song by now...and off they march as the Elite 8 games are about to begin in Tampa......ROCKY TOP YOU WILL ALWAYS BE..........yada yada......

Of course, with a coach like Pat Summit, it's not always about the University or even the takes on a life of it's own....Welcome to Summitville.

Yep, you guessed it, another chorus of Rocky Top you will always be, home sweet home to me........

Each year State Farm Insurance has a seat cushion for you....and it's every seat.

That's right, 20,800 of them were placed on every chair in the arena......

Well someone daddy is from LSU, so we have be content with a purple people eater once in the while......GO VOLS!!!!

LSU Lady Tigers meets UT Lady Vols for the third time this year, hopefully the third time is a charm....:)

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