Saturday, April 19, 2008

Day Trading Worshop and leaving the wife at home...

YES, for three days your hubby will be hard at work trying to find an edge so he can make lots of money for you....ALSO. It's a tough job you know, talking his head off about trading, Lord knows he has worn you out on the subject. "Honey, I am this close, SERIOUSLY!"

But don't stay home, well unless you could a vacation yourself that is. Pack those bags and come on along, several other wives have already said they are, so maybe ya'll could go to Dollywood, tour the Arts & Crafts villages, shop, golf, ride horses, there are a zillion things to do around here....even take a nap. Shoot, even pack up those rug rats and bring them along.

We'll figure something out, and on Saturday night is the big party here at the house, hillbilly style......SO YA'LL COME.......HEAR!!!!!

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