Monday, April 28, 2008

The Challenge STANDS.....ya'll come on down now....ya hear??

Mittens seems a little confused these days, for one his boss ain't going nowhere, no how. Not one moderator or long time CCI system trader will step forward so Mittens has called for a special meeting after the close tomorrow to discuss the situation at hand.

Trading live in front of not only a room full of people, some who have actually been worn out by the CCI system, some with an axe to grind over their losses and some who figured it out and now want to see justice done, but also the world thru a live cam feed over the Internet. Someone should be able to go and stand up to these infidels and show them and teach them the ways. Just Traders helping Traders, and lighing up someone else candles doesn't blow out your account, or something like that.

GO, GO to the place in the mountains and show them. He said he would pay your way, give you money if you can beat him at his own game and give money to our charity. SO GO, and show them the stuff we are made of.......

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123 said...

I didn't want to believe that woodie was such a douch, but the more I prod around the more i'm realizing it. Thank you for this blog and for Really helping traders. I was checking out the chat today hoping to get some anwers after reading on your blog and Mplays sight about how most to none of the moderators are not profitable " just trading the damn patterns". I asked the mod if he trades live when he doens't mod which he respond with a yes. Then I asked him if he made a living from trading. I never got an answer. I only got woodie jumpin' down my throat about how it non of my business. He didn't even give the guy a chance to answer. He says that he doesn't have time to trade because he's so busy yet he has time to scan the chat room to make sure that we're staying off of forbidden subjects. If they're not making money, why the gimik? I understand woodie and tony who make money from PFG and the other crap they peddle to newbies. But why the mods. Well thanks again. I hope and pray that someone takes you up on your challenge. I'd pay money to watch. It would be more entertaining than watching my account dwindle trading "just the damn patterns."