Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Woodies CCI Club is still updating the website

A couple weeks ago, Gary or as we know him GB007 decided to throw in the towel, one of the first people to join the Woodies CCI Club back in the early early days. He stood there thru the thick and thin, thru the "DAX" period, where "DAX" was boosting about making 100k trading commodities using just the CCI. It turned out to be all lies, but the great thing was Ken had the DAX-B-GONE tab and instantly, not another word about it....well except for few articles on the internet.

He saw a lot of Someone-B-Gone, he lived thru the puppet show on hotcomm, where instead of actually having 800 attendees....a good number of them were just puppets created to make the room look bigger. He never got to see any public acknowledgement of those famous donation to Make-a-Wish from the Woodies CCI Club, which have suddenly surfaced after he signed off. He watched the Woodies CCI Club go from promoting the idea that you don't need "NO" expensive software, data feeds and on and on to you need to subscribe thru this broker to get the "secret sauce". He watched and watched as the world turned, friends he had made were gone, so he helped the newbies the best he could and he watched.

The Mplay blew the lid off, he contacted the Arizona Attorney General office and posted that everyone that knew anything should contact them. So many of the moderators bailed, that the Hall of Fame was removed. Work that people just like you and me had done were also removed .........YOU'RE OUT OF HERE!!!!!

Susan has even bailed on him, from what I hear thru the grape vine, she is so worried about this that she has contacted an attorney for advice about how not be pulled into an investigation (of course, you have to think that the Attorney General won't be looking into a civil matter, would they??), she does have things to worry about since she was the one in the beginning that handled all the money, she held the money until "they" told her where to wire it. Conspiracy to commit tax fraud might come to mine....I mean if you had a Trade-a-Long and after expenses had $5,000.00 left over and actually sent it to Make-A-Wish then the tax obligation would be ZERO. But if you wired the funds out of the country and didn't report it to the IRS, since Susan was the one who was the lead contact with the hotels, the person who signed the contract with the hotel and then collected the money and finally held the funds and under the instruction of "THEM" wired it out of the country and gave nothing to Make-A-Wish.....GOD HELP HER!!!!

This is the way things were done, he would say.......Well, if you setup it up I'll come and do a Trade-A-Long. Sounded good, WOW, just traders helping traders. Except the traders that setup everything is legally on the hook, if there was a profit and was "NOT" reported to the boys at the Fed.

Gary finally came to the see the truth after all, and after over 6 years of working for the "MAN"...he bailed. Not only is the link to Make-A-Wish now gone from the Woodies CCI Club website, but so has the Rolling Hills Progress Center, which was Gary's charity. The word Make-A-Wish is now Make-B-Gone.

"Traders helping Trading", "There will be better trades down the road", "A candle doesn't lose any light by lighting another candle" and "For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and forfeit his soul?

I still can't believe that PFG would not know about what went on, what is still going on and how it could reflect on them....all for a couple pieces of silver.


Anonymous said...

I think that would be totally unfair if Susan got blamed for anything to do with that club. She is a really sweet person and does not deserve it.

If Woodie and Tony let her take the fall for their scheme, then they truly are heartless bastards.

Anonymous said...

I heard a moderator say someone, anonymous, would
match up to $150,000.00 any
donations to MAW. It was
either Pez or Greg on4-17-2008

Anonymous said...

Cathy...C'MON, you already know that about them. That has been proven over and over, if even some of us were very slow to catch on.
signed - a former moderator-

Anonymous said...

I was there through it all,.. and my opinion is Ken Wood is a low life scum. I saw how at the TALs Susan and Woodie would conduct their conversations in low hush tones. In the early days of the CCI mass deception she helped cook the books and promote the fraud.

Thousands upon thousands of dollars that were raised for handicapped children and earmarked to go to the Make-A Wish Foundation and it never got there.


She deserves what ever the law can dish out.

I would like to point out you failed to mention one of the most dishonorable things Ken Wood has ever done. (if you can get past the deception and fraud he did to the children of MAW) Ken Wood misled Dr. Famir with constant lies. Dr. Famir blew through a fortune trading futures then became distraught and committed suicide. It all started through the trust and admiration he built on Ken Woods lies. One has to wonder if Dr. Famir would still be with us today if Ken Wood would of just told the truth?

Ken Wood told Dr. Famir and everyone else that he makes a living trading his method, when in reality he has never produced a profitable monthly statement showing his system works. Furthermore, the money he kept from the trade a longs was never turned into the IRS.
(and that amount is in the millions)
Why was the money not reported to the IRS????

Because Ken Wood is on disability income and any reported income would ruin his disability status and bring closure to his government check.

All this his is pretty sad when you consider the other so called educators like John Carter of Trade The Markets now has videos showing up on U-Tube…
1.) Showing his accounts PnL,
2.) Showing his actual account number,
3.) Showing the actual trades entries and exits,
4.) ….oh and do the trades appear on “his” tax-return? YES (Something Ken Wood can’t do)

Johns Carter is one of the “other” educators who Ken Wood on a regular basis, referred to as a shyster and crook. The irony of this becomes laughable now that Ken Wood has been exposed. Yes, not only has the emperor no clothes, it has also become obvious to the whole world that this piece of shi_ is nothing more than a thief and liar.

When you stop and see who Ken Wood really is and what he has done, it makes you really wonder just how much money PFG is making off this criminal? It must be a bundle, if they are willing to stoop this low. I use to think the crew over at PFG were an honorable group of folks.

Now when Wasendorfs name comes up ..I just laugh