Friday, April 18, 2008

So let see if I get this right, Ken Wood turns over the education workshops to PFG to promote for him, Neil works overtime filling up the place. Peregrine Charities handles the money and after paying the expenses would send the balance off to Make-a-Wish or maybe to another charity for kids....I think I have that right???

So on January 5, 2006 according to the letter from the local chapter of Make-a-Wish in Maitland, Fl and on the Woodies CCI Club website, Peregrine Charities got a receipt for a donation in the amount of $5,769.07. It showed up as being June 1, 2006 but was really 1/05/06, just a small error.

March 1, 2006, according to the box of updated results, it shows an amount of $400.00, however, the letter from the local chapter in Maitland shows it as January 3, 2006 again just a small detail. This letter was not addressed to Peregrine Charities or to anyone, in fact, since there is no real name, no real address and the such, wonder who wrote this one off on their return. But it's a receipt none the less. We are still at $5,769.07.

Now on June 1, 2006, the local chapter in Arizona of Make-a-Wish sent another receipt to Peregrine Charities in the amount of $22,658.67. So we have a grand total so far of $28,427.74 for 2006.

Now comes the hard part, again, according to the website and the information provide there of, on January 12, 2006 there was another receipt, this time from the local chapter in Illinois, for $20,525.00 which would bring the grand total donationed by Peregrine Charities to the Make-a-Wish Foundation in 2006 to a nice $48,952.79. GREAT JOB!!!!!

Now you can see the problem I have here, according to the 2006 Federal Tax Return filed with the Illinois Charitable Trust, that returns shows a total deduction for only $43,184.00 in 2006. Which is a difference of $5,768.79.

So what do you believe, do you believe a Federal Income Tax Return or do you believe the letters from all the different local chapters or do you believe Ken Wood and his accounting practices. Being from the old school, I can't for the life of me figure this out......but I'm betting the Federal Income Tax is where the mistake must be...RIGHT?????

It was great to see that the Rolling Hills Foudation, which GB007 supported received a check for $500.00. That is about $500.00 more then Ken Wood ever gave to a charity, personally, that anyone else can find and for a guy who goes out of his way to promote the Make-A-Wish Foundation and helping the kids...that doesn't add up either now does it??? Wonder if Susan is ready to talk, at least PUBLICLY!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Yes,... it obvious the books at PFG are cooked. They’ll do anything to protect their cash cow. Also the money trail prior to PFG’s involvement shows that crooked old Woodie can not account for any of it.

Ha, ha… some of were born at night, but it wasn’t last night.

The accounting scandal is the main reason not many, but “ALL” the old time traders abandoned Ken Wood. When it became apparent that honor and integrity was missing in how Ken Wood conducted himself and the large amounts of money that turned up missing under his watch, people left in disgust.