Thursday, April 24, 2008

Anonymous posting......get a life

I really enjoy doing the blog and most of the time I enjoy doing the chat room, those in the chat room understand that I have "things" to do during the day and would not be there 24/7. They come and go as they please, no rules, will there are a couple but that's not important, and so do I. A place to hang out during the day without having someone doing a sales job on you all day. No one telling you about the newest indicator that would be released at the next workshop so you sign up.

Just a bunch of people coming to together to spend the trading day. What I do find intesting is this anonymous posting, of course, all posting have to be approved before they actually are seen by you because I really don't enjoy a foul mouth narrow minded chicken eatin under educated redneck blowing off about whatever.

You come in and post a bunch of them all while a short time span and pretend that it's from several people, well it's not.. It's just you buddy.
WE all know about woodie and his not trading live, we all know about the moderators and they don't trade live, we all know about all the noise that chat room generates and it's all about making money thru sales....simple as that and unless you have something new to say....WELL SHUT THE FUCK UP....why are you in Woodies CCI Club all the time listening if you can't stand it, are you that big of a loser.

HELL, MOVE ON....forgive him for being who he is and begin a new, there is a great bright world out there full of great people. You really need to step out from the dark side and get rid of the hatred......

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you post this CRAP of the woodshed and all the games yadda yadda yadda.... THERE ARE SO MANY PEOPLE WHO HAVEN'T A CLUE.....!