Monday, April 28, 2008

So first came the SEC tournement in a cold Nashville, there was actually snow on the ground that weekend. 4 games and it was all over....the Lady Vols had won the conference title game.....nice!! the five seniors were all smiles for sure.

The slogans read, and then there were 16, and then there were 8, and then there were 4 and then there were 2 and there was TENNESSEE for the second time in two years. the funny part is Kate there on the left has been on injury reserve for the past two years and hasn't played a one second and has two rings.......funny how the world is at times.

Back home in Knoxville, 6,000 people jammed into the convention center to welcome the team home, and there they are the 5 amigos having the time of their young lives.
It's over now, just a piece of history, a piece of NCAA history and a piece of history at the University. The girls have either gone pro or finishing their studies, ready to move onto their next stop on the journey thru life. But for those of us who have been a part of this program for the past four years it was special to see, the bus rides after losing the SEC title game last year, the flight back from Stanford, grounding of Candice for a half, the braces, and little injuries, the highs and lows of just sweet young girls trying to earn an education while playing their hearts out.

Nikki for example, her mom ended up in the US, in Brooklyn with 6 kids after her dad went back home. Raised those kids working two jobs endlessly, what a proud bunch they are, and she was recuited to play for the Lady Vols and again didn't just sit back and take it easy, she earned a degree with honors and two championship rings. But now it's over, done, finished and we wait for the next season to start.....a new beginning.

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