Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Woodie CCI Club and it's not all winners my friends

There have been a number of moderators that left the Woodies CCI Club lately as we have been following this for some time now. After they leave one of the main driving reasons was that they were unable to just make money using the "system."

Well this isn't something new, I have been getting emails all the way back to early 2004 about traders having issues. Now, it easy to blame the messenger, they should have know better then to just throw real hard dollars at something they hadn't actually paper traded for a while. Just like sheep, they listen and when they "think" that a moderator actually took a trade, they would take it also and entry the wild wild world of hope trading.

I would challenge anyone to find someone....anyone that can actually make money trading the "system." I hear the master talking about these 80% winners all the time, even as much as 10 for 10 at times, but the other moderators seems to have fear in their voices. Is that the fear of losing coming out or the fear that someone might be following along and they didn't take the setup. there anyone? If you want, I will go up against them in a live trading challenge in front of the world....over the internet, in front of a crowd at the Money Show or Traders Expo......anyone, anytime and anywhere. Just so I can see someone, make money trading the "system". But also to put to a rest that I can't trade myself. The past two days we have smoked them in the chat room, live, talking about what could happen and how to react, and when to cover the trade, when to adjust the stops and so there ANYONE?


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

isn't TW doing very well w/his CCI, he's by the book, even uses Woodies pattern names?

Anonymous said...

isn't TW (a ex moderator) doing very well using the CCI? he's a by the book WCCI trader, even uses Woodies pattern names

Anonymous said...

Don't folks have enough brains to first paper-trade instead of believing everything first hand, especially Woodie? Does greed overpower common sense? Does it take $20-50k to realize something doesn't work? I don't get it . .

Trader-X said...

woodie has shown snapshots of his "Woodies CCI Navigator" account in the "holy of holies; cci basic room" in an attempt to show the room how the navigator helps traders save money with the equity switcher feature. What caught my eye was the big -30K number on his account statement. Actually most of the numbers were in red. I've only taken a community college accounting class and I occasionally use Excel. I'm no expert but from what I remember, red numbers in parenthesis means negative.

"I just made up these trades to show the room how the switcher program work. This isn't my real account."

Another thing that errks me is that none of the moderators trade live while moderating, not even woodie.
WOODIE DOES NOT TRADE LIVE WHILE MODERATING!?!?!?! WTF??? The system is so easy to trade, my cat could do it. He can't talk and pay attention to charts and use his mouse as the same time?

"Well I can't trade live cuz people call me and I get e-mails and the gardener is mowing my lawn and I don't want to ruin my wifes pots by burning the oatmeal and people scype me and yak yak yak"

Well thats it for today folks. Remember by manipulating your money management strategy you too can have 90% winners. So what if you lose on 1 trade what took you 9 to make. Happy trading everyone.

A candle loses nothing by taking light from another candle.

Anonymous said...

It had been revealed to me a while ago that Woodie doesn't even trade...period, much less trade whilst moderating. It's all talk and theory to him. This info came to me from the most reliable of sources to me (I'm an ex mod, my source is ex mod). At one point Woodie even told me he doesn't trade futures at all..."too much gawing on around me". That admission came about a year ago.

When I personally asked him about whether he trades at all because of certain income circumstances in his life, he didn't deny it.

As an ex-moderator I didn't want to trade live while moderating because I didn't want the room to constantly be hearing me yell, "oh shit"......"dammit all". If all mods traded live while speaking you'd have a cacophony of expletives in the room everyday spewing from the moderators.

My opinion is, based on what I know and observed, is that he loves the CCI, he loves technical analysis, but it's all a game of theories and paper trading these days. He talks theory while those that listen put their real money on the line to test it.

All in the room believe him to be the "master" and daydream of trading like him. Well, fact of the matter is, their master doesn't trade.

Anonymous said...

I used to listen to Clint moderate and thought to myself this guy is good and must be making the bucks.Another favorite of mine was Snowman who I also thought was making money. Turns out neither one of them where profitable. Clint admited it on the CCI forum and Snowman in a webinar admited like wise.I understand the new moderators not making money but the mods who have been around for years also not making it sucks.I've attended free trials for other trading rooms and it is the same crap. The mod calls out a trade and a few in the room say great trade(sound familiar).It's taken me along time to realize I have to do this on my own and just put in the screen time.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Dennis.I too lost everything I had following the Woodie
"System".Thinking that there was something wrong with me because I kept losing while these other guys were supposedly making money. I have now had to declare bankrupcy & have lost everything I own.My wife & I are 56 years old & are having to start over.But you know what, I should have known better than to blindly follow anyone. So when it gets down to it, I have only me to blame.
That said, I love to trade & will not give up. I am paper trading right now as I have no capital to trade with.I am trying to put together bits & pieces of things that I have learned from others like Dennis' 1st bar trade & Carolyn Boreden's fibonacci methods and others & paper trading them.And I am actually doing a lot better.I still have a lot to learn though.I get up at 1:45 in the A.M. and paper trade the forex market until about 4:30 AM,sleep another hour & then work at a day job that I hate.But I
have made my mind up that God willing I am going to make it back someday. My goal is to save eneough money to open a real account & make eneough money to pay my travel expenses to Dennis's seminar in Tennessee someday if he is still having them and learn as much as I can from Dennis & watch him trade live.Then I hope to come back to another Dennis Seminar someday & be the largest contributor to his charitys.
Dennis I appreciate everything you do because I know the seminars cost you a substantial amount of your own money.So,again,God willing someday we will get to meet & I can thank you in person.There are a lot of takers,like Woodie,in the world but in the end the truth conquers all. Jeff

Anonymous said...

Here's an about someone...ANYONE, other the Dennis...that's making money trading the "The Dennis Bolze System" to step forward and back it up with Statements...I would really love to see that. There must be someone here, right?

Sport said...

ROTFL.....what a funny guy!!!!

First of all I don't have a "system" only a collection of ideas I use to do several things.

1. Define the trend.
2. Define a pullback in the direction of the trend.
3. Define the risk for the setup.
4. Define an entry for a trade.
5. Manage the first half.
6. Manage the balance of the trade.
7. Lunch

There are more ways or styles of trading then there are used car salesmen in Scotsdale. There is no system only ideas for others to see if they can use them to develop an edge.

People owe me nothing, and likewise I owe them nothing...if someoone decides there is no value in my noise....then they just need to move on.

If someone finds just one thing that can help them....GREAT!!!!

Your problem is, you just like to BSski around the blogs spreading your crapola about needing to have everyone post their statements....WELL SCREW YOU and the ZLR you rode in on.

Why don't you come to the workshop and see for yourself once, instead of just being an anonymous poster.
What is the value of your anonymous posting all the time...about as much as Hilary being under fire by's all BULLSHIT!!!!

mz said...

The ZLR is great, but not in that stupid way Woodie trades it.
ZLR is just a simple retrace during a trend. And there´s a nice, small trick, to filter the thousands of ZLR´s. You do not need other cci-pattern except the ZLR, to earn consistent money.

321 said...

MZ, would you be willing to share your nuances for the ZLR?