Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mittens vs. Old Smoke

Well I would like to put this to rest for once and all, why don't one of the moderators or even the master himself come to the workshop and trade live right next to me on Monday....with real money. Just trade your system or whatever you can do to show the world that the CCI is the holy grail.

If a moderator beats me trading live I will make ya a deal, I will write a check to all three charities that will be there on Monday for whatever you make....if you make 1,000 bucks then each charities gets $1,000.00 extra. I will even hand you a check made out to Make-a-Wish for $1,000.00. If you make $5,000.00 I will match it....whatever you make, I'll match dollar for dollar....right there...right then.

If Woodie comes himself, and beats me trading live, real money, real time, I'll pay all his expenses and will not post another thing about what he does......ever again.

So there it is, "tThe Challenge", you can get rid of me once and for all just by showing the world....YOU HAVE THE HOLY GRAIL, you trade live, you make money trading....simple as that.

Just email me, and I'll even go so far as to have a internet camera setup so the world can watch "The Challenge" live from all four corners of the world. What do you have to lose......except this blog being up your ass everyday.......


Anonymous said...


You know no one is going to take you up on this challenge because no one at the woodshed really trades live. You have asked them for years if I recall correctly.

So why keep asking?

Anonymous said...


LOL You know the woodshed would NEVER and I mean NEVER!!!! come out and do that because that would shut him down for good! LOL I love it though. Woodie will never show whats behind the curtain and that is because he-is-full-of-crap and his system is crap. It's really that simple. By him not showing up proves that the whole woodie cci club is a joke. Woodie = sleazy used car salesman with out the cheap suit.


Anonymous said...

Sport: You must spend quite a bit of your day focusing on Woodie. Your animosity towards him hurts you much more than him. Your family must be concerned about your all consuming focus on Woodie and I assure you he continues to live his life to help traders in an ethical way but not living the life you want him to live. Good luck.

Sport said...

"and I assure you he continues to live his life to help traders in an ethical way....."

1. I don't spend any where near the time you think I do, 90% of the stuff found in here is based on former moderators and newbies sending me their thoughts. I check them out and then publish what I found....Someday, I hope to publish where someone has made money trading the CCI System in all it's glory.

2. My family isn't concerned about me with respect to this "ethical person", their concern lays in getting thru this housing crisis. Their concerns lay also in raising food and energy price and how Social Security with be bankrupt in 7 years and Medicare right behind it and all Obama and the Hill can talk about is how the other one is talking bad about them.

Animosity...hummm I looked that one up and Hatred...I don't think so, I don't HATE Woodie, but then again he never cost me any money in trading. I didn't sign up for his 80% winning CCI System and put real money on it. I only went to a TAL until I saw the cash at the door and then that was it.

You sound like you are still in the Wood of OZ waiting in the Koolaide line and that's ok...I wish you more even more luck.

Just ask where have all the moderators gone my friend, 5 years and only one remains and he is a partner not a trader or moderator....wonder WHY?