Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Women's National Basketball Championship.....

Hillary Clinton Fondly Recalls Leading Arkansas to 1994 NCAA Title
Asked by a reporter if she was participating in an NCAA Tournament pool today, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton wowed media members by recalling the magical run the Arkansas Razorbacks made to the 1994 championship - a run Clinton says she fueled by averaging 38 points, 12 rebounds and 10 assists, good enough to be named the tournament's Most Outstanding Player.

"The mid-90s were a tough time for Arkansas with Bill and I off to the White House," said Clinton. "We felt the hard-working men and women there needed something to uplift them. Bill was wrapped up in various things, so it was left to me to go down there and win them a championship. And I did."

Clinton says her championship illustrates a big difference between herself and her rival, Sen. Barack Obama. "He likes to talk about how he is a basketball player, how he was a sixth man in high school, how he still plays pick-up games," said Clinton. "But he never led a team to a national championship. I have. I have years of experience playing basketball. He has one left-hand dribble."

The junior senator from New York says she will never forget the 1994 championship game "We had Corliss Williamson, Scotty Thurman - good players," said Clinton. "But we were going up against Duke, a powerhouse. We didn't have a chance without me bringing my A-game. But you all know I never duck from a fight."

Clinton recalls one series of plays in the second half that allowed the Razorbacks to pull away. "Cherokee Parks got the ball down low in the post and had great position on Corliss," she said. "He had an easy lay-up to tie the game. But I came flying in and just swatted that sh-t out out of there. Just jumped up, ripped the ball out of the air and came down with it. I had to have been two feet above the rim. At least. Maybe more. I remember almost catching my chin on the top of the backboard. Then I pushed it up court, went behind my back to get past Chris Collins at midcourt, and then just f-king dunked right on Grant Hill's head. Just right on his motherf-king head. I mean, I teabagged the kid. I remember hanging on the rim and screaming . And that was pretty much the game right there. We were national champions."

Questioned by a reporter who said there is no record of Clinton on the 1994 Razorbacks, Clinton said she may have remembered incorrectly. "Well, that's what I recall happening," she said. "But, who knows. It was many years ago. I may be wrong. Perhaps I just watched the game on TV at the White House. But let's not get off the main point here: Barack Obama hates white people. White people and America. White people, America and Christians."

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