Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The "WILL" of God continues.......

I have received a lot of email on this subject and will post the interesting one to give some light on this ageless question.....Most people believe that you have to pick a side when it comes to free will and predestination. My first question is why do you have to pick? Why can’t you have both?

I wish I could take credit for this next phrase but I can’t. I ran across this in a book that I am currently reading. In the book this phrase comes from God

“Remember this, humans are not defined by their limitations, but by the intentions that I have for them; not by what they seem to be, but by everything it means to be created in my image.”

One way that I look at this is in sports. What if we had an Olympic weightlifter that has been blessed by God with unbelievable strength? He uses that strength to set world records and to promote positive image of himself and the sport. Now what if in the end of each event he said “I want to thank God for everything” Not only has he glorified God he has also used the gifts that he has been given from God to help promote Gods Will. Meaning everything is possible through God.

Now what if that same weightlifter went over to the marathon track and tried to compete? He would be CRUSHED!!!!!! Then at the end he says “I want to thank God for everything” How is he using his God given gifts to promote God? He was not given the gift of speed and endurance. He was given the gift of strength.

So when it comes to predestination and free will the choice is easy for me. We are all created different. Every single person has been born of given ONE thing from God that they can do better than anyone else. That is the predestination part.

What you do with that gift is the free will part.

So what are you doing to take that ONE thing, that ONE gift that you have been given from God to in order to glorify his kingdom?

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