Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Having issues with the "Will of God"

So there I was sitting trying to stay awake when the pastor said, "You have a free will, you can chose what to do with that will, you can follow Jesus or you can turn away, the choose is yours." Well that was like four weeks ago and I am still thinking about this.

IF, it's Gods will, the will of God, rejoice and be glad for this is Gods will, surrender your will to God, abide by Gods Will, according to Gods will and the list is almost endless of saying it appears. I have spend endless hours reading up on this and still have not found the answer.

If I have a free will, to do good for others or to ignore the teaching of Jesus from the bible and do whatever is one thing. But how do you know you are doing the will of God. God only spoke a couple of times in the bible to someone, it wasn't like he sat down with Moses and wrote like 20 chapters of the bible on his thoughts about his "WILL"....ok he wrote 10 lines give or take....right???? Now those 10 lines were pretty good.....but what is this "WILL THING."

I am not even sure what the questions should be must less any answers, but it's something that is driving me nuts......The will of God and a free will. You see if I have a free will, and someday drop over dead, then I will have to go before God and answer from "The Book" for everything I have done. All those free will things that I did either right or wrong, but he will judge me.

But how will he judge a person that did the best he could, but it wasn't his will, now this could be a problem.....I think. Any ideas would be good.....post them please.
So I can get some sleep.


Kat. Carroll, Nutrional Therapy Practitioner said...

I've grown most by a few good men: Oswald Chambers (My Utmost for His Highest fame) and Rumi, who was a 13th century Persian Sufi Poet but as Christian as you or I.

The bottom line: if you are One with God (recall Jesus' last prayer that "we would be One even as He and the Father were One" in other words: all of US are ONE in HIM, then we will NATURALLY have One Mind. HIS.

It's a matter of being in Union more than anything. And the WILL has everything to do w/ that desire to be One w/ the Creator of the Universe. No? Kat

mac said...

First, do you know for certain you will get to heaven? If so then His will will become your will. Your best will be His. Ok, that may be a stretch, but it is the idea. mac

H. John Sykes, Jr. said...


I think God asks:

1. For you to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, i.e., to have faith in Jesus so you know you are going home when it is His will;

2. For you to recognize that you are not and never will be perfect, repenting and reconciling often;

3. For you to love Him with all your heart, ......, and your neighbor as yourself;

And the rest will fall where it may. What he does not want is automatons who don't have free will whose choice for Jesus would then mean nothing.

Believe, repent, and love. I really think it is pretty simple. I hope this helps.

You might enjoy my new blog at http://afloridasheepdog.blogspot.com.

John Sykes

PS. Thanks for all that you do for us and for Him!

Solfest said...

I can't profess to have the answer for you, but the answer for me is:

Be still and listen.


Sport said...

Be Still and Listen.......
A few weeks ago I was on a private plane flying to Branson, MO to see the show at the Sight and Sound theater called NOAH.

On board was a pastor from the Church at the Gathering. We talked about this issue I was having. How do you know this will.

He also mentioned that I should take time each day, go to a certain place and clear and mind and kinda be still if you like.

Listen for His word, etc and as we flew across the southland of America questions kept coming up and I kept pressing.

How do I know it's His Word and not Lucifer trying to trip me up....YET AGAIN?????

Of course, if He said, "Dennis I want you to go and do this for me." I would go that second and do whatever He had asked until it was finsihed...no question asked.

But of course, it doesn't work that way, at least for me, there have been times in my life where I can see a defining moment as I look back, and of course that is what believing and faith is all about. A simple note on a windshield, a phone call in the middle of the night, but these events don't happened everyday.....

The pastor said you can tell if it's God or if it's Luficer and I thought...WOW, here comes the holy grail. You see a beautiful women across the room and you want to go over and hit on her. That is not God's will. And I thought, well DUH.

So I asked, what if I had an business opportunity and wanted to move forward, if it was His will. How would I know it was His will for me to move forward. Since it is my will to please His will.

Of course, the subject changed because even the pastor of this great church with 1,800 in the flock didn't have an answer.

I listen all the time, and I guess that is why when I heard Woodie say that, "This was going to work out better then I thought." When Hoot handed him all the cash from the first TAL in Chicago...it hit we like a ton of bricks. It was soon after that...I bailed on the Woodies CCI Club and left a lot of good folks behind.

Not that I am a saint or anything, but I can't be part of a group when I know it's all smoke and mirrors. Woodie doesn't trade anymore then Bill Clinton can keep his hands to himself.

I have even heard that PFG offered to fund an account for him to trade, win, lose or draw and that never happened or never will.

Even when you listen how can you know it's His will and not Lucifer working, again more questions then answer I guess???/

Solfest said...

I don't know how to explain as there are no absolutes. Maybe I would add time to the be still and listen comment.

It takes time, there are no bells, no aha moments.

Maybe faith, like trading , is a body of work. You are not going to get it all right, but if you continue to do the right things it works out in the end.

Gary54 said...

The motivation behind our attitude, beliefs and actions seems so obvious to us we rarely give it a second thought. Probably because we are in some sort of denial about our true motivation. What tempts to action or inaction? The question of understanding what is the Will Of God may have been a question C. S. Lewis was pondering when the idea for his book “The Screwtape Letters” suddenly came to him while sitting in church. Lewis takes the question and flips it, “ What is the will of the dark side”? The psychology of temptation from the other point of view is examined. Not only was Lewis regarded as one of the 20th centuries most respected theological educators, he also knew a great deal about human nature and relationships and this little book brings it all together. I first read ‘The Screwtape Letters’ about 20 years ago. This week after Gustav’s visit while passing the time waiting for my electricity and internet to be restored, I picked it up and began reading it again. Imagine my surprise when checking into the blog and seeing this question . . . . I am thinking, is this a coincidence???