Tuesday, September 02, 2008

OH here we go again.......Joe Construction, Inc.

Well it's only a month away, Oktoberfest and a good ole fashion stock trading eductional workshop in the mountains and things are happenin. If you want to come to workshop and see how I use Blau ideas to develop a stock trading plan like I have been showing here for the past few days, then let me know ASAP.

We have about 17 seats left to fill, Scooter, Thumper and Boomer have already signed up for the front row, by the way....:). Just kidding, but this workshop will have some ideas for you on money management as I always play the marble game, trade sizing, profit targets both first and second targets, stop placement to allow the trade to have some room to rumble but also protecting yourself at the same time.

We will take a look at three market gurus and their picks, how to filter out the bad ones right off the bat, but also how to let them come to us so to speak. POT was a pick in Group3, but at the workshop I will show you why this one was a dog from the start along with several others.....

But these ideas can also be used to trade stock index futures, forex, and even corn, the ideas are not mine, but WW Blau and have stood the test of time. You wouldn't have to change your time frame, you wouldn't have to go to range bars, you wouldn't have to even take prices off your charts, and most important you won't even have to delete your own secret sauce........it should be fun.

So email me if you want to come and let's get it on baby......time to rumble!!!! OF COURSE, this workshop, like all the other workshops is open to anyone that has an open mind and wants some ideas about trading. I welcome everyone, no matter what level you believe you are at, I know that others who come that might have been around longer will be more then glad to help you if they can, or just network with you, that is the main purpose of all the workshops. We are a community, a community that at times can be lonely, so come and meet some traders that have the same goals, the same crapola that you have everyday.

What is the cost of this workshop you ask, well it's the same as the last workshops, you just have to make a donation directly to one of my three favorite charities, or you can make a donation to each of them...that is up to you. The charities will be here on Monday the 6th and give you a 5 minute pep talk and then you make a check out to them and hand it to them......they also take credit cards.....:) So there is no smoke and mirror dog and pony show here.......

SIMPLE AS THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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