Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Wife needs to get her act together and soon.....

When the market opened, my Q trade was up $ 1,880.
I was taking it off...but decided to stare at it in hopes of making that amount double.
Soon, it was only up $ 1,000., and not much later it was a loss.
Then it became a $ 2,640 loss. A $ 4,520. swing in one hour.
Ah, then it started down and by lunch time I was back to breakeven. (wife said to take it off) (I decided to stare at it to make it go lower so I'd get my $ 1,880. back)
By 2:45 the trade was losing $ 2,320 again. Dang! (wife should have taken it off for me while I continued to stare at it)
Finally, at 2:48 another break and I can see my $ 1,880. just minutes away, maybe twice that much!
Then, wife tells me to get my money back at $ 45.49 for breakeven. That is the way a loser trades, just trying to get back to breakeven.
Price hits $ 45.49, then bounces away.

Chase, Chase it!

So, I settle for 45.53 for a small 4 cent loss. Boy do I HATE losses!
And then...it drops just as I said it would and I leave 9 cents on the table!
(Wife needs to get her act together if she is to continue in my trading office, geesh)

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