Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Maybe just a little over the top.....just maybe

For those who have been here and had to go, well you know that I have urinals in almost every bathroom, as I believe we have equal rights. Why do we have to sit when we don't have to? If fact, I don't have to worry anymore about letting the lid up and getting yelled at by 3 women..... :)

You always might know that I design and build custom homes and always on the look out for stuff that might just be over the to speak. But I'm not sure if I could walk into the bathroom and belly up to the,......flower.


Anonymous said...

If you are putting together an order for some of these, I'll take one. But, make sure it has a built-in night light and be sure to get me the optional flip-up seat. Something in blue I think.
And please negotiate hard for us as it must not cost more than my government stimulus check.


Anonymous said...

Are there matching toilets to go with these? After all you guys need to sit down sometimes! And what about washbasins?