Sunday, September 14, 2008

Can you afford to step out on the edge ....EVER???

I am sure that very few know about the life of Hobab, he had the chance, during his life, to take a giant step in faith and make a mark in history forever. But he didn't, he decided to return to his family and continue to do what he did everyday.

Then we come to a couple fellows named Simon and his brother Andrew, later two others named James and and his brother John. When they were given the opportunity to take a chance in life and breakout, they left everything behind to started a new life.

What does Hobab and the other fellows have to do with trading, you ask??? A lot, you have the choice to continue to do what you do everyday. Play it safe, and just trade a small size, take those small profits, watch losers, chat in a chat room and on and on. OR you can take a chance, step out of the box and leave it all behind, to become what God's "will" has for one will ever remember Hobab because there is no reason too.

Just a thought......
What did Abraham do again???????

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Donn Carroll said...

Awesome Oracle... I pasted it at the top of my Trading Journal.