Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Visa is really starting to charge it up..... :)

Back last week I mentioned a stock take you could check out, VISA symbol: "V".
Well today after the close the October 75 Put was up to $7.40 from the $5.00 range last week for about a 48% gain in less then a week, now that ain't to bad....is it?

Anyways I have posted the target that we should get to here every soon......the 1.272and the big one down there at 1.618. So maybe this will be 100% gainer....now would take be nice.....????

I will be showing you exactly how to find these suckers, when to enter and on and on at the upcoming educational workshop.....so hurry up and sign up because only a couple of limited seats are left.......Now once these limited number of seats are taken, I will be going to Walmart and buy a couple more seats, but that is another story.... :)


Kat. Carroll, Nutrional Therapy Practitioner said...

Did I read you right? You're buying some seats for us vs. the caterers' folding ones?? My back will LOVE YOU...

Sport said...

BUt the purpose of those caterer folding chair is so you don't get comfortable and actually fall asleep on me..... :)

And I love you guys tooooooooo!!!!