Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Portfilio Update 09-01-08

A Huge gap on the open this morning and within half an hour it started to get ugly out there. By the close it was really ugly, so ugly that the portfilio might have taken a beatin today.....let's see.

1. FFBC: BANG stopped out a $12.46 for a loss of 36 cents on the second half, so 85 minus 36 would give us a net overall profit of 49 cents.....GOOD!!!!

2. SGEN: Didnot trigger and is off the list......will show you why at the workshop just remind me..... :(

3. TJX: Well here we had also gotten the first half off, and adjusted our stop to $34.90 which today didn't get hit as we had an inside bar on the dailies. The next day or two will tell on this one. With an entry at $35.89 we are going to move the stop up to $35.09 so the worst case is a BE trade.

4. ISYS: Well the entry was $45.60 and we are at $44.00 after taking the first half off. Today the low was a hair above the pivot low we are worried about, so this one might not have been the best pick..... :)

5. DXPE: Now if they all were like this one, order me another dessert, in a down drafting market like today, DXPE just keeps on going.....higher and higher, however, after saying this...you know that we hit our target on Friday, but man what a nice trade.

6. DIS: Well Disney did OK today, it held Friday's low, but it couldn't break above that pivot and now is sitting on a double daily top. This means we need to take some action and with an entry at $31.79, we will throw in the towel at $31.00 and have another breakeven trade......

So the 6 stocks are down to 4 and one is hurting......stay tuned!!!!

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