Saturday, June 09, 2007

JD and a coke please......oh yea and a cue stick

Back when I was a kid, there was this store we went to all the time and would sit around and as my grandfather would tell tall stores I would be over looking in the drawers for candy. Cabinets were referred to as grain bin cabinets as they held bulk sugar, flour and so on......of course, these types of cabinets are long gone these days.......

Made from solid oak instead of veneer oak made moving them a real joy......well at least for the boys. The hinge at the bottom are the grain bin doors.

We will have 15 Jack Daniels barrels stacked 3 high and 5 wide....they had to cut them at an angle in order to hold the barrels.

No sanding here but I wanted a rough saw cut on all sides, at this point, they had no problem with this idea...:)

As they worked in the garage on the barrel racks, others were working on the rest of the cabinets.

These cabinets however were sanded to a baby rear end finish. The white board standing on the back left is for cue sticks that will fit between the two display cabinets...

Installed, stained and varished with spot lighting mounted on top of half barrels we bought down at the distillery.

The custom pool table was made out of red cedar to match the post in the gaming area.

HOUSTON....we have a problem....can you tell what it is? I had explained about 4 times how this was to look and left for a few hours and when I came back....WELL, the bitching started. The barrel fronts are to be lined up with the branded Jack Daniels name parallel...and as we see they ain't.

So they had to take it apart and start over, this time the barrels were marked in case it had to be done again.....see you can teach an ole dog a new trick....ROTFL

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