Monday, June 18, 2007

Day trading without the Woodies can do it.....

I really enjoy listening in on "those chatrooms", you know the ones that proclaim they have the holy just have to download the special indicator setup they have going....the latest and the greatest. They really just spend most of their day boosting about how years and years of research went into the lastest and greatest.

The first problem I personally have and I believe you should think about it this way. If last year, that magicial guru was doing it this way....say a 3 minutes chart the indicator needed to be this way for it to work and now a year later they are using a 5 minute chart and talking about some other "NEW" way to trading way....I would have to think....OK what is their "REAL" agenda.

I love the first bar trade, it gets me in the game.....good, bad and even ugly at times but I'm in the game.....first team and my helmet is strapped on. So without any of those laggin indicators what is using data from YESTERDAY to give me a TRADE for today.....OH COME ON.....that alone is BSski......

You have your rules, you have papertraded it, you have done a back study and believe in it.......and when your rules kill are a trader!!!!

Simple as that.....and the odds of making a living shift to your side for a change.

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