Monday, June 11, 2007

Holy Tile Batman.......

Of course, if you were on the job site over the past 4 years you would have to believe that I lost it one day and took out four of the workers....well there were days that might have happened but not today.
One might even think that somehow I had 4 Mexican shipped in to help out.....well there were days that I might have done that but not today.
These are 4 granite wall fountains surrounded with copper....two in green slate and two in copper slate.

THe most important part of any shower is the mat under the shower....grout even if sealed will leak and water could end up coming out the floor below. So double checking this process is a key to having a dry house down the road. Just because they are tile layers doesn't mean jack in today's world.......

Once the blue sheet of very heavy plastic made just for this is laid in place you can built the rest of the shower enclosure.

These 1 inch square multi-color tiles come in 12x12 sheets to speed up the install....well that is the theory. Angles, corners and drains slow the process down

12x12 tiles were laid in at a 45 degree angle, but the outside edge we cut the tiles in half and will inlay a redish/copper tile that was broke into 1x2 pieces.

Of course, a wet saw is used to cut down on the dust, not there are a number of grades of blades one can buy.....Lowes and Home Depot sell the cheapest kind and they will cut by pulling to the right so the tile look like crap.

The final trim pieces are install to finish the edge of the wall down and 7 to go...........

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Jason said...

nice, but where is the new command center trading room!?