Monday, June 11, 2007

Day 1......First bar for one......

I trade price right out of the shoot in the morning, indicator and they all lag.....anyone that says their leads is full of BSski right up to their brown eyes. What happened on Friday has nothing to do with today's action or opinions.

When the low of the first bar was taken out without taking out the high I shorted and moved over to the 70 ticks chart to watch the stoch.....when it went to oversold I just take half off as soon as the high of the last 70 tick bar is taken out and then move the stop to my entry.......some days it's good for the morning but today it got nailed within 10 minutes and I had to find another opportunity based on my trade setups........or go to lunch.


Anonymous said...

let me say you have one heck of a home! I love it....also glad your getting back to trade setups....can you explain more about your Stochastic....Thanks


Anonymous said...


Glad to see you back at it....posting house pics and trading setups. I entered this trade as well but I was stopped out right away because the stoch was already oversold when I was triggered in. How do you handle that situation?