Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Fitting the hardwood floors under the trees.....

The entire second floor except for the exercise area will have hardwood floor from the Biltmore series. Now they are working in what we call the UT area and their is a number of problems. Instead of just having solid square Douglas Cedar post we had replaced them with Red Cedar trees.

Then we had the problem of fitting around the rod iron stairways from the third floor and also down to the first floor that took quite a while to fix it was perfect as posible.

We cut about 3 inches back into the trees so we could slide the hardwood floor under them. Needless to say, while trying to keep a straight line on the floor as they crossed the floor from one side to the other was a very slow go.

Working in two levels at the same time didn't help as no one could walk on the floor for 24-36 hours and we kept boxing each other in.

Again each tree because a slow go spot, as they had to cut away only 3/8th of inch from tree to slide the flooring under it.

But what a great look once it was done, we ended up wasting about 20 pieces of flooring that were cut wrong ......not once but twice.....

Moving across the floor we made it over to the front corners, now we had other problems as trying to get the flooring under the tree and lining up the flooring with a wall that was 1/2 inch out of square over a 24 foot span.

OK, now you have cut this one twice...can I have a square end and 14 inches long....PLEASE.......

Trades were working on tile on the first floor along with the painters, the second floor we were putting flooring done and up on the third floor they were finishing the timber framing with the last coat. The fourth floor was finding the heat/air and plumbers working on their noise......34 people were working on this during the height of construction.

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