Friday, June 20, 2008

Woodies CCI Club Autotrader Version 17.001

You can click on any picture so it's big enough to see the detail..... :)

The Autotrader from the was pulled back on the 5th of June because of......a programming bug or something. It was proudly announced that the autotrader had gone back to the programmer so that they could write the code for the latest research that just came to light...or something like that. Kenny even went on to say that it didn't do that well over the summer months and this was a good time to upgrade, improve or try something else ......and sure enough just I like said back at the beginning of June....RANGE BAR is next. You can see the holy grail of range bar is 40.

The account reopened with what is left of the $5,000.00 they started with at $3,954.97 on Monday the 16th of June. Now on Monday the newest release of this advanced Autotrader only lost less then 10 bucks.....about 2 gallons of gas.

By Friday however, even with holding an open position overnight, the Autotrader had managed to end the week at $3,812.75 for a net gain of ..........let me re-figure this.....5 subtract 1 and carry over the square of nine......hummmmm.

It seems that the newest version....version 17.001 managed again to continue it's trend of making money for the broker while losing ($142.22) for this is only about 3.5% this week. Again, Kenny says that you can't just look at this daily or weekly...or even a short time frame like monthly you have to look at this long term. I guess that is right as long as you don't get that know The Red Ball Express MARGIN CALL...

I guess that they had to bring the AutoTrader back on the market so they could collect that $200.00 monthly fee....can't wait to see that deducted again, along with the OTE fee. I am sure that this weekend in Orlando, the Autotrader will be topic number one, not for the attendees, those poor newbies with their wide eyes open and believing in every word, enjoying the candle thing and thinking they have found the answer. But for the Broker who will be there working the room, pouring the wine and signing them up.......


Globetrader said...

Hi Dennis,
I'm following your blog and see you still comment on Woodie's CCI.

I have abandoned automatic trading systems, as I never could accept the number of losers they tend to produce even if they have a proven edge and would make me money in the long run.

But one, which should have an edge, as it would be trend following and would trade along the lines of the old GB 30/34 system, would use zeroline crosses of the cci on a reasonable long timeframe to enter as long as it's used on a contract with enough volatility to pay the inevitable losers.
I have no idea, if anyone is really interested in developing a working cci-autotrading system, but one thing you need to make sure, if you go along that path, is, that a system needs to have an edge without any finetuuning at all.
You shouldn't try to turn a losing system into a winning system. Start with a winning system and use finetuuning to better it.

Best regards,

Chris (croc)

Anonymous said...

Woodie was talking about the autotrader this week and how you need to look long term months to a years time. Then said that he and Tony UK have alot of money invested in the auto system. Oh oh looks like another source of income for the Woodman.Woodie also took a page out of Dennis"s book and will have a online trade along and throw in the dvd's wow