Thursday, June 05, 2008

Online Workshop Day #6 and or 7 thru 9.......

Well everyone made it back home safe and sound and for that we can all be thankful....there just might be another workshop coming up in the fall....this one will be called the "Family ReUnion", instead of cold sounding Trading stay tuned.

During the workshop I offered the indicators that I use to anyone that doesn't have them already and several of you have asked for them. Also, there have been a flood of emails from thanking my family and myself, everyone that helped, to what a great place to live and so on. I will personally answer them all, but most likely next week. The emails have calmed down from nearly 250 per day just before the workshop to 150 after the workshop.....and that is per day...WOW.

I have a business trip on Friday afternoon that will take me to SFO for the weekend, sour dough bread and fresh roast beef with yellow mustard.....heaven...just pure heaven. But I will be flying back on the red eye Sunday and hopefully to back online right after lunch......did someone say lunch?????

My back and leg have recovered and the goldens have stopped smelling around the house for food. It was funny when Scooter kept walking around Brian looking at him and smelling a mile a minute. Brian finally admitted to having a Milky Way bar in his shirt pocket......:) Before the workshop I couldn't sleep more then about 3-4 hours thinking about everything that could go wrong......well I am rested again and ready for whatever life brings.

Alot of you are sitting by your computers, working thru the manuals, waiting for the holy grail email to come and it hasn't.....BUT IT's just there are a really lot of them......and they keep coming.....:)

Remember....the FAMILY REUNION THIS FALL....maybe during Oktoberfest now wouldn't that be a RIOT........everyone with a hangover each morning.....:)

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